Finding the Perfect Engagement Photographer

Finding an engagement photographer in NJ is easy, if you know where to start. You want a photographer who understands your personal style, can work well on a deadline, is open to creative ideas, and is willing to share some creative ideas with you, as well. There are so many different options out here, and Limelight Entertainment is one of them, so we want to share our tips for finding the perfect engagement photographer for you.

  1. Decide when you want the pictures. If you are planning an elaborate proposal, then you probably want a photographer there that day to capture the big moment, but will also want to schedule a more formal photo shoot.

  2. Think about your locations. If you want outdoor pictures, does your photographer have access to different outdoor venues? What type of alternative plans can you make it the weather does not cooperate.

  3. How fancy do you want to be? If you need to have hair or makeup done professionally, will your photographer coordinate with other professionals, or will you need to handle the coordinating?

  4. What type of images do you want? Engagement photos can run the gamut from extremely serious to downright silly- what type of photos do you want. Ask to see the photographer’s example of that style of photo.

  5. Who will be in the photo? Traditionally, engagement photos are just of the happy couple, but you may want to include children, parents, or even pets. If the photos will be of more than just the two of you, make sure your engagement photographer is prepared.

  6. Make sure you have the releases you need to use your photos as you want to use them. Save-the-date cards, wedding showers, a wedding website can all be enhanced with engagement photographs, but you want to make sure you can use your photos that way.

Engagement photos are a great way to document the build up to the big day. Limelight Entertainment would be happy to help you capture those special moments.

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