Alice & Wonderland Themed Wedding at The Atlantis Ballroom in Toms River NJ

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Recently we had the pleasure of being a part of an awesome couples wedding at the Atlantis Ballroom inside the TR Hotel in Toms River, NJ.  This was probably one of the most unique weddings we as DJ’s have ever been a part of so we were super excited for the big day.

At our initial consultation Danielle and Jason had expressed that the two most important things for their wedding day were to  have lots of fun and that they wanted a theme.   That theme was Alice & Wonderland!  I couldn’t hesitate the words “this is gonna be awesome” just immediately came out of my mouth.   At this point I knew the couple was super fun and that’s exactly what we love here at Limelight Entertainment.  We love DJ’ing fun weddings!

NJ Wedding DJ Toms River Atlantis Ballroom-4From start to finish everyone was having a great time.  All of the guests played along with the Alice & Wonderland theme which was just so much fun.  Guys were showing up in top hats, and the women in fun colored dresses.  Everyone was in great spirits!

The Atlantis Ballroom and their staff really did a wonderful job with the decor as well.   There was tons of color in the room which really provided the couple  with the whole “Alice & Wonderland Vibe” they were looking for.  Sharon and her staff at The Atlantis Ballroom did a fantastic job that day and even went as far as wearing different colored ruffled shirts that matched the ballroom’s decor really spicing up the vibe.  One of the staff members even dressed up as The Mad Hatter!  Truly a great staff.

This was a great wedding and definitely one to remember.  We were so happy to be able to DJ & provide the entertainment for such an awesome day.


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Venue Contact: The Atlantis Ballroom at The TR Hotel in Toms River, NJ.


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