The Sheraton of Eatontown NJ | Shruti and Joesph’s Wedding

photo by Brian Delia


Shruti and Joseph’s wedding was an absolute blast from start to finish. Our multi colored uplighting looked absolutely amazing inside The Sheraton’s ballroom and it brought so much energy to the dance floor.

One of the reason’s I had so much fun at this particular wedding was because this was my first time ever DJ’ing an Indian wedding. I love experiencing new things and was really excited for the opportunity. Now although I had no experience with Indian wedding’s prior to this one I was still fully confident that we would provide a great time for everyone. The bride and I had multiple conversations prior to the wedding and I made sure to nail down all of the specific details and of course the music selection. Once I had organized the details of our conversation I was sure we would have a great time!

Cocktail hour came and went and it was time to get the party started. As I introduced the wedding party and the new Mr. & Mrs. there was an exorbitant amount of energy through out the ballroom. All of the guest’s were so excited and ready to have a good time!

Soon after the toast’s we opened the dance floor and everyone got up to dance. Throughout the night we played an equal mix of Indian and American songs which kept guest’s dancing the entire time. I really had a lot of fun at this wedding it was such a great night!

After the wedding there were multiple guest’s coming over to me and the Limelight team complimenting on what a great job we did and how they had so much fun. Everyone on bride’s side was complimenting how I played such great music all night and that I was just as good if not better then a DJ experienced with Indian weddings and music. That made me feel really good and I was so happy to give the bride and groom the amazing experience they were looking for.

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Chris Marino
Limelight Entertainment

Venue: The Sheraton of Eatontown, NJ

Wedding DJ: Limelight Entertainment

Photography: Brian Delia Photography

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