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Just last week Chris Marino of Limelight Entertainment had the honor of hosting Kaitlin and David’s wedding at The Sterling Ballroom of Tinton Falls New Jersey.  The Irish themed wedding was super fun, especially with St Paddy’s Day being right around the corner.

The couple really nailed the holiday theme by lighting the ballroom green, it looked absolutely beautiful and set the mood perfectly.  Kaitlin and David were such a wonderful couple and their guests were so much fun.

One of my favorite memories of the wedding is when I played the song Bad Romance by Lady Gaga.  I had no idea what effect this was going to have on everyone!  The entire family busted out into a choreographed dance and it was absolutely awesome!  The energy was through the roof!  I’ve never seen this done before at wedding so I thought it was really cool and super unique.  Another fun moment was when I played Mac The Knife by Bobby Darren.  I handed off my mic to Charlie (one of the bride’s family members) and he sang the entire song perfectly and with such enthusiasm.  All of the guest’s circled around him and sang at the top of their lungs.  What a great wedding!

I have to say the staff at The Sterling Ballroom was absolutely wonderful.  Everyone was super nice and a pleasure to work with.  I would highly recommend this venue for anyone looking to get married in the Monmouth County area of NJ.

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Chris Marino

Limelight Entertainment


Wedding Info:

Venue:  The Sterling Ballroom

DJ & Photo Booth:  Limelight Entertainment

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