The Stone House at Stirling Ridge is an Amazing Venue

Recently we got the chance to be a part of an amazing wedding held at The Stone House at Stirling Ridge in Warren NJ.  This was such a fun day for everyone.  The bride and groom were dancing all night surrounded by their their family members and guests, everyone surly came to have a good time.  We love to see this type of environment unfold right in front of our eyes.  Our main goal here at Limelight Entertainment is to make sure that you have as much fun on your wedding day as possible.  We thrive off of seeing you and all of your guests smiling  and dancing all evening.  There is honestly no better feeling, and that is why we do what we do.

Back when I first met with Ashley and Anthony to chat about their wedding they mainly expressed that they just wanted to have a good time.  They were looking for a fun environment and wanted to create awesome memories for them and their guests to cherish.    They didn’t have lists of songs for us to play, specific instructions/timelines, or anything of that nature.  They kind of just left it up to us to create a fun night.

Leading up to the big day I was definitely excited for this wedding.  I just had a gut feeling that this was going to be a fun night.  Cocktail hour came and went, introductions, first dances, toasts, and then on to the party.  We started off the night with classics and moved on through the decades right into todays top hits.  Everyone danced and interacted through out the entire wedding, it was great!  We had the Stone House Ballroom completely lit with our Intelligent Lighting and it looked amazing, the lighting really made the dance floor pop!  Lighting always adds an amazing element to any wedding or event.  It definitely brings things to the next level!

Your wedding is one of the biggest celebrations of your life.  Let’s create something magical!  Give us a call at 888.900.0042 or Contact Us Today.  You can also check out our DJ, Photography, and Photo Booth pages at our website


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