Limelight’s Thoughts on the Wedding Photo Challenge

participants at a wedding doing the Wedding Photo Challenge

It’s no secret that Social Media is taking over almost every aspect of our lives, and over the past few years, it’s really become a crucial part of weddings as well. By now, we’re sure everyone’s seen a viral video of something unique from a wedding; whether it be introductions, dances, or other formalities. With the emergence of TikTok over the past few years, we find ourselves discussing trending audio and challenges with our couples more than ever. One of the most popular challenges at the moment is something called the “Wedding Photo Challenge”.

So what is this Photo Challenge?

Essentially, it’s when the couple has to make their way around the reception space and take a photo with every table. Sounds easy, right? But the catch is, they have to complete this all during one single song. Three minutes, to say hello and grab a photo with every single person at your wedding.

We tell our clients all the time that we love coordinating these during weddings. It typically takes place the last few minutes of dinner, and creates a ton of energy in the ballroom. The couple is running around from table to table, guests are running back to their seats from the bar, people are standing on chairs, it’s pretty chaotic if we’re being honest. But, that’s exactly why we love it. Once couples complete their challenge, the energy and buzz in the room allows us to open up the dance floor right from there. That being said, make sure you pick a song that’s upbeat and really fun!

Besides being super entertaining, we enjoy when couples do this because it goes by way faster than the typical formal table photos that you would take with your Photographer. And the quicker we wrap up dinner and formalities, the more time we have to dance!

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