Three of the Biggest New Jersey COVID Wedding Questions

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What do couples need to know about how New Jersey COVID weddings are happening?

We know these are strange times to be planning a wedding…but we want you to know that the wedding pros you’ve chosen are here for you, we continue to stand by you, and we are ready to help you create the wedding you’ve been dreaming of!

From the perspective of your wedding vendors, your wedding date has been set aside as the event of the year that you want it to be, and we’re all still planning to help you create that from every angle.

But we also know that you might be a little exhausted from the changes we’ve all been feeling over the past year, and you might be questioning how your wedding will look.

Here are a few questions we’ve been getting from our couples about how New Jersey COVID weddings are happening right now:

Are weddings still happening?

In a word, YES! We’ve been celebrating with New Jersey couples all throughout this past year, and their weddings have been nothing short of amazing. Love doesn’t stop, no matter what’s happening…and we’re here to help you celebrate that.

If I need to move my wedding date, will there be any additional costs?

Because your wedding pros have held your wedding date just for you to give your wedding the dedication it deserves, we’ve had to tell other inquiring couples that we’re already booked for that date – so it’s likely there will be additional costs to move your already-booked date. Reach out to your specific vendors so they can give you the details in your contract.

If I want to keep my original wedding date, will it still be what I’ve been wanting?

Things are a little different, that’s for sure…but no matter what your wedding day ends up looking like, in the end, you’re marrying the love of your life – and that’s all that matters. And we’ll be there to make it the celebration you’ve been dreaming of.

If you’re engaged and looking to get married soon, we’ll help you get answers for your New Jersey COVID wedding questions – reach out to us; we’re here to support you and keep you encouraged that your wedding will be incredible!

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