Engagement Photography at TCNJ

Brianna and Victor have such a sweet love story. The two met during their freshman year of college at TCNJ. They were part of a large group of freshmen on the same floor that had become really close friends throughout that first year. From the beginning to the end of their 4 years of college they remained very close, however during senior year they had realized that there was something more between them.

Brianna and Victor love to do anything and everything together. Their typical night out usually involves really good food and exploring a new brewery together. They also love to visit cool towns like New Hope.

Their proposal story is super sweet too! Several months before the proposal, Vic and Brianna were exploring their old campus when they came across some wet cement. Victor immediately carved VO❤️BR into the wet cement, as Brianna looked on nervously. In May, they went back to TCNJ because Vic wanted to catch pokemon. After walking around campus for about an hour, they walked past their initials carved on the sidewalk for the 3rd time- and this time there was nobody else around. Victor stopped and said, “hold on, I have this massive rock in my shoe…” and got down on one knee. From inside his sock he pulled out the ring box that had been there for 4 hours and asked Brianna to marry him.

Brianna and Victor are getting married next November at the Farmstead Golf and Country Club. We cannot wait to capture their wedding day. It is going to be gorgeous with all of the autumn leaves changing.

When we asked Brianna and Victor what they were most excited about for their wedding, Brianna says, “We’re really excited about being married and also dancing the night away with the people we love.”

Brianna and Victor decided to take their engagement photos at TCNJ where their love story began. Brianna mentions, “We’re excited to take our pictures at TCNJ- it’s where our friendship, and then relationship, began, and holds a special place in both of our hearts. We think the campus is beautiful!”

Limelight Entertainment is taking care of the Photography and Entertainment for Brianna and Victor’s wedding day. We are so excited to be such a large part of the best day of their lives.



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