Fall Engagement Photos at Allaire State Park

When we started talking about Jules and Joe’s engagement photos and where they would like to take them, Allaire was the first place that came to mind. Jules and Joe have a lake house that they spend most of their free time at. They have a very rustic personality with a love of being outdoors, so a fall session at Allaire Park was perfect.

Jules and Joe met at the gym and when Jules saw Joe she thought he was cute. Jules says, “I planned on acting like I wasn’t interested, so I made a smart aleck remark to him, but he sassed me right back and I knew I needed to have dinner with him at least once.”

Joe’s proposal to Jules was super sweet and totally fit their laid back personalities. Joe proposed to Jules on Memorial Day Weekend while they were hosting 20 of their friends at their lake house in the Poconos. Joe pulled Jules away from the group very nonchalantly before dropping to a knee on the upper deck while everyone sat at the fire pit beneath them. It was a total surprise! Jules said she even has “the sunburned, messy-haired sweatshirt wearing pictures to prove it!”

We had so much fun shooting this session as we walked around Allaire and talked about their wedding plans. Limelight Entertainment is taking care of their wedding day Photography, Entertainment, and Event Lighting. We are so excited to be such a huge part of their special day!

Their wedding is taking place next October at Laurita Winery. When asked what they are most excited for Jules says, “looking forward to seeing all our family and friends for a fun filled evening. I love to dance, Joe loves to mingle, we love to laugh and all three will happen when we say “I do!”


  • We love to get away to our mountain house on weekends to spend time on the lake and breathe in fresh mountain air. We also like trying new restaurants, cooking together and riding the Ultra Classic whenever the weather is right.

  • I wanted strong, cooler colors against the warm vibrant background of fall’s changing leaves. I wore cream to signify a touch of bridal class and burgundy boots to match the flannel shirt he wore. He didn’t argue when I picked his outfit, and he combed that beard for me!

allaire state park


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