Motorcycle Engagement Photography at Beachwood Beach

I love planning engagement sessions with my couples so when Jennifer and I first met, we started discussing possible engagement photo ideas. She had mentioned that her and her fiancé, Travis, loved to ride their motorcycles together and that was it! We had to incorporate their motorcycles in their engagement session!

We started the session at a beach that is local to them. The beach had a park right beside it and I immediately brought them over to the park. It had the cutest arbor with the most beautiful red maple sitting just behind it. I die for a gorgeous red maple!

We did some family portraits with their pup Sterling who was super cute and had the most gorgeous eyes. We then headed to the beach and they took a little stroll along the water. I found some amazing tall reed that caught the light just right as the sun began to set. It was now time for photos on their motorcycles and I love how they came out!!

I love how Jenn + Travis brought along all of their favorite things to their engagement shoot. It really makes the photos unique and all about them.


Engagement Photography NJ Jenn and TravisJenn and Travis Engagement Photography NJ

The light in this park was so beautiful. I love bringing couples to areas with pretty trees. They make the backgrounds to the images so much prettier!!Jenn and Travis NJ Engagement PhotographyJenn and Travis NJ Engagement PhotoNJ Engagement Photo Jenn and Travis

I mean come on! Look at this light!

  • I used to have a job that had me traveling every month or so. I was traveling for 2 straight weeks form Canada to Las Vegas. I had a huge delay in my flight which made me get home around 3 am. as I come in all cranky, and exhausted, I tried to be as quit as I could. we have a dog so obviously this was almost impossible but as I tried to lay down I felt something in my pillow. with a little more frustration in me, I thought one of the dogs toys was stuffed in my pillow. to my surprise, it was a box with a ring in. He knew I would come in all cranky and wanted me to come home to something life changing. Wide eyed and awake, travis asked me to be his forever, and I said yes, forever and forever!

  • Mostly being able to see everyone and have a good time. we are love when our families get together and can’t wait to share this moment with them all.

Here they are on their motorcycles. I love that Jenn + Travis share a love of riding together.

  • This was a tough one. Both of use own motorcycles and wanted to incorporate them into the photos. It is one of the things we love to do, ride together. This is where my wardrobe came from, at first I wanted dress up in a nice dress, but Trav wanted it to be more about who we were rather then just an image. I agreed that is should be more natural for us then staged. So it was jeans and a nice shirt with heels (my only swap out was the shoes, biker boots) and jeans and a nice shirt for trav.

  • We chose our engagement location because of where we live. We are near the bay in seaside and love the scenery. Every road there is a hidden boardwalk and landscape to see [so] we figured what would be better then to show everyone why we live were we live.

I mean this light was gorgeous!!! I love the reed and the sun peeking through.

  • Mostly being able to see everyone and have a good time. We love when our families get together and can’t wait to share this moment with them all.


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