Sunset Engagement Photography at Bayonet Farm in Holmdel, NJ

We are quickly approaching Melissa and Rahmin’s wedding day at the English Manor and I couldn’t be more excited. Melissa and Rahmin are pretty pumped for their big day too!!

When asked what they are most excited for, Rahmin can’t wait to see his beautiful bride walking down the aisle and Melissa is eagerly anticipating for their first kiss as Mr. and Mrs. But most of all they cannot wait to dance the night away with all of the people they care about.

Melissa and Rahmin met through Rahmin’s sister. Rahmin always had his eye on Melissa and they hit it off after getting to know each other at a Zac Brown concert. So fun!

Rahmin proposed to Melissa in Montreal. He had a huge and super sweet proposal planned for her and blindfolded her to bring her out to the swinging chair they had in their Airbnb apartment. From there Rahmin had strung lights, and set up candles, and photos of them. He then gave her a book titled “One Knee, One Love”  which had custom illustrations of the two of them in it. In the book Rahmin had written about all of the things he loved about their relationship and on the very last page was an illustration of him asking her to marry him. Rahmin then got down on one knee and pulled out a gorgeous engagement ring and proposed to Melissa. They then sipped champagne by the fireplace and went out to a nice dinner.

Melissa and Rahmin love to bike together as well as have pizza and wine on a Friday night. One of their first dates together they rode a tandem bike to dinner and drinks and so a tandem bike was the perfect addition for their engagement photography session. They joke that a tandem bike is a “trust test” and it was so funny when I asked Melissa to hop on the front for some photos. Melissa was a little shaky but they made it to the bottom of the hill and now know that Rahmin should operate the tandem bike from now on.

I am definitely looking forward to lots of fun and laughs with Melissa and Rahmin on their wedding day at the English Manor.


How cute are they on the tandem? Rahmin was only slightly concerned at Melissa’s ability to operate the tandem bike. 😉
How stunning is this ring? It’s so unique! and beautiful!! Great job Rahmin!

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