2015 Song of The Summer

If you listen to the radio, you have probably already heard the DJs proclaiming certain songs to be the song of summer 2015. You may look at the Top 40 and think that whatever song is at the top of the charts for the longest period of time during the summer months is automatically the song of the summer. However, the perfect summer song is not defined only by popularity; it also has to possess a timeless cool and relaxed feeling that makes you think of warm nights, shore breezes, and all night parties, so that when you hear it ten years from now, you will still think of the summer of 2015. The top song is also influenced by your geographic area; the top song here in New Jersey might not be the same as the summer’s top song somewhere else in the country. With that in mind, here are our top contenders for the song of summer 2015:

10. See You Again– Wiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth. Part of the soundtrack for Furious 7, the song is a tribute to the actor Paul Walker. It has beautiful lyrics, but lacks the breezy feeling of the typical summer song. However, it speaks strongly about the bonds between friends and family, and has undoubtedly been one of the strongest performing singles of the year. As a result, it has to be considered a darkhorse contender for the summer song for 2015.

9. Trap Queen – Fetty Wap. Probably the best-known example of the growing genre of trap music, an evolving genre that combines the use of drum machines, synthesizers, and other effects with hip/hop vocals, Trap Queen has been climbing in popularity. Its combination of hip-hop, dubstep, and dub beats makes it a very easy song for dancing, always a bonus in a summer song.

8. Shut Up and Dance with Me – Walk the Moon. With 28 weeks on Billboard’s Top 100 Chart at the beginning of June, and so much radio play it is verging on overkill, many think that Shut UP and Dance with Me will be the song of the summer. It is danceable with frivolous lyrics that talk about lighthearted romance- all elements that can make a song a summer hit. However, its throwback 80s vibe might make it difficult to identify the song with 2015.

7. Bad Blood – Taylor Swift feat. Kendrick Lamar. Number one at the start of the summer season, Bad Blood seems like one of the strongest contenders for the smash hit of 2015. The video, which looks like a blockbuster spy film and features just about everyone who is anyone in young Hollywood and the music industry, is almost certainly going to be the video of 2015. However, the song, which is about revenge, does not quite capture the fun and breezy feeling we tend to associate with summer songs.

6. Earned It – The Weeknd. The song is overtly sexy and sultry, but still manages to be romantic. Might not be the summer song of 2015, but could be the love song of the summer.

5. Want to Want Me – Jason Derulo. Not only is this song, danceable, but its honest portrayal of desire comes across as playful and innocent instead of raunchy, despite lyrics that are unquestionably sexy. Plus, it shows off Derulo’s amazing falsetto. Has that extra element of playfulness that Earned It lacks, pushing it a little higher in the likelihood of top summer song.

4. Sugar – Maroon 5. Maroon 5 has been creating sing-along chart-toppers about slightly dysfunctional love for the last few years and this song is no exception. However, is Adam Levine’s trademark voice enough to push it into song of the summer territory?

3. Cheerleader OMI. A positive, upbeat love song that talks about fidelity, and a great relationship, with an island-sounding danceable beat, the only thing from keeping this song as my number one choice is that OMI is only just now gaining popularity in the U.S., despite having found tremendous success overseas.

2. Uptown Funk! – Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars. According to Billboard, this song is slipping in popularity, but it remains hands-down the most danceable song of 2015, if not of the last 10 years and the “make a dragon want to retire, man” might be the best lyric in a playful song, ever. It seems almost impossible that we won’t all still be dancing to this song in August and beyond.

1. Hey Mama David Guetta, feat. Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha & Afrojack. So far, this has to be my top pick for the Song of Summer 2015. It has an island feel that immediately makes me think of summer, while still being mainstream enough to have mass appeal.

What are your picks for the summer’s top songs? Whatever they are, Chris Marino (DJ and Owner) of New Jersey’s own Limelight Entertainment can help you create a playlist sure to keep your guests dancing all night long!

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