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Trying to pick the right location for your honeymoon could be a difficult decision. There are so many beautiful places out there, how do you pick the right one. The first question you should ask yourself is what interests you the most. Do you enjoy fun in the sun, adventurous activities, relaxing beaches, nightlife, an all exclusive experience, great food, landscape and history, cruising? Whatever it may be, group together several of these common interests express them to your local travel agent, and start to research the right place for you.

One place in particular I would like to talk about to day is Aruba. Whether you love beaches, fun in the sun activities, nightlife, and shopping, or amazing restaurants Aruba has it all.

First off let’s start with the commute, where are you located? For a lot of North Eastern brides and grooms this is an easy commute. Having an NJ Wedding right here with Limelight Entertainment? Hop a direct flight from Newark International Airport or JFK and you’re in Aruba with in four and a half hours. Not a bad flight at all!

Fun in the Sun

  • Ok so fun in the sun is what you like. Let’s start off with all of the amazing activities offered on this beautiful beach. You can go scuba diving, snorkeling, tubing, water skiing, para sailing, deep sea fishing, and to top off your night enjoy a nice romantic sunset cruise. Some of the activities I recently enjoyed were the snorkeling and the sunset cruise. You can either take a private snorkeling trip or go with a group. If you go with a group you could be on a boat with up to 45 other people. I personally prefer the private trip better especially for newly weds, it’s more personable and it’s about the same price as the group rate. Most snorkeling trips have multiple stops. The stops we experienced were fantastic. The first stop was a gorgeous coral reef surrounded by tons of amazing tropical fish. The second a sunken World War 2 battle ship right off of the coast. Lastly our caption surprised us and took us to shallow area where we had the pleasure of seeing starfish. The caption also offered us drinks on board. It was fantastic from start to finish.
  • Next the sunset cruises. If your looking for romance this is it. With the sunset cruise you will set sail about 5:30 pm. You start sailing up to the California Lighthouse on the north end of the beaches and back down the coast while watching Aruba’s beautiful sunset. Sip on your favorite cocktails and enjoy the view. This cruise lasts until about 7:30. It’s a perfect way to start off the night and lead right up to your dinner reservation.


There are so many great restaurants in Aruba that it’s hard to figure out where to start.

  • Steak Lover? If not one of the best steak houses I have here been to period, definitely the best on the island. El Gauchos is Aruba’s famous steak house where you will enjoy the finest cuts, delicious sides and an amazing whine list. El Gauchos is about a 15-20 minute cab ride from the main strip of hotels but well worth the trip! I had the Rib Eye it was amazing.
  • Madam Janette’s would be my second favorite restaurant. This establishment is Dutch influenced and the food is absolutely mouthwatering. The service was amazing as well.
  • The Playa Linda hotel and resort has some of the best Italian food I have ever eaten. The restaurant was called Azzurro. One appetizer that sticks out for the entire trip would be their buffalo fresh mozzarella, with prosciutto spicy pepperoni and tomatoes. Out of this world!! They also have a signature dish where they staff prepares your pasta in a gigantic block of cheese. Melting the cheese while mixing your pasta right in front if you, absolutely amazing.

Shopping and Night Life

As far as shopping and nightlife there is plenty to keep you busy. There are tons of name brand stores within walking distance of your major hotels and resorts.

If you’re a night owl and like to skip out on the town I would suggest Aruba’s Kukoo Kunuku Party Bus, this was an absolute blast. Picture cruising the town from bar to bar in a graffitied school bus with no windows, music bumping and party goers waving their hands in the air while shaking maracas. This is where the party’s at!

A Traveling Wedding DJ? Limelight Entertainment Travels!

Have Limelight Entertainments NJ Wedding DJs for your destination!
Are you having a destination wedding to Aruba or any other getaway location for that matter? If so and you are looking to bring top quality entertainment to your favorite island let us know! Limelight Entertainment’s NJ wedding Dj’s would love to bring the party to your favorite getaway. Contact us today for destination pricing.

So all in all Aruba is definitely a great honeymoon spot but you have to make sure its right for you. Some suggested resorts would be The Marriot, and the Riu. I would say these are the nicer Honeymooner spots. I hope you enjoyed this inside look on what Aruba can do for you.

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