10 Creative Winter Wedding Ideas

Winter Wedding Ideas

Winter weddings are surprisingly complex. Winter has a stark, spare beauty that can be difficult to bring into an indoor space while also capturing the warmth and coziness you want your guests to feel. Never fear; follow our winter wedding tips and we will have you and your guests walking in a winter wonderland!




  1. Twinkle, twinkle, little star. Lighting is one of the most important elements in creating that desired winter wonderland feeling. Twinkle lights, also known as Christmas lights, create that characteristic sparkle, but are not enough to give the desired light for a ballroom or other indoor venue. However, if you use overhead lighting, you drown out the intimate feeling created by your twinkle lights. Talk to your DJ about how to use uplighting to continue the romantic, snowy feeling created by your twinkle lights.
  2. Does your venue have a fireplace? Use it. Nothing says warm and cozy like a fire on a cold winter’s night and many local venues have a fireplace or multiple fireplaces for your use. No fireplaces or perhaps you are worried that a fire might actually be too warm? Replicate that feeling by placing groups of candles together to create the same type of fire-lit glow.
  3. You cannot go wrong using white and crystal to create a wintry feeling inside. However, you might want to avoid the icy blues you often see for the season; they can make people feel chilly.
  4. Do not be afraid to look “seasonal.” Use greenery. Use red. Use pinecones if you want them. You can use these colors even if they are not your wedding colors because they are considered neutrals that will go with other colors.
  5. Consider temperatures. We blame Phoebe’s wedding on Friends, because there has been a lengthy trend of outdoor winter ceremonies. Do you have any elderly or young relatives? Are you having your wedding in the Northeast? You can still get the gorgeous outdoor winter wedding photos you want without having an actual outdoor ceremony and your guests’ comfort is something that should be at the forefront of your mind. If your heart is still set on that outdoor ceremony, then you need to really work with your vendors and your venue to ensure that you have plenty of outdoor heaters, seats that are covered, and anything else you need to keep you and your guests comfortable.
  6. Think winter drinks. Almost every winter wedding offers hot chocolates and coffees, but think outside the box and explore white hot chocolate, eggnog, spiced teas, and ciders.
  7. Do not overheat your dance floor. You want to keep your guests warm, but keep in mind that they will be wearing winter layers; you do not want them to get too warm on the dance floor.
  8. Want to avoid a Christmas-y look, but still want some deep winter color in your bouquet and floral arrangements? Consider kale; the deep purples and greens of kale offer the perfect complement to winter flowers.
  9. Consider making your centerpieces functional; sterno cans on white rocks can make an excellent roasting place for s’mores!
  10. Consider gloves as a seasonal favor.

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