9 Awesome Spring Wedding Ideas

Planning your spring wedding? If you have chosen spring for your wedding, you probably love that fresh bright green, the pastel of the first flowers, baby animals, butterflies, and the first leaves that appear on trees. You can celebrate the season by incorporating springtime into your wedding.


  1. Instead of structured flower arrangements, consider using potted spring bulbs like tulips or daffodils as the centerpieces on your tables. A tiny potted plant at each place setting can serve as a perfect combination name-card holder and favor, reminding your guests of your springtime wedding for years to come.
  2. Remember spring showers are a possibility! Outdoor wedding? Pick some cute rain boots to match your dress, in case the venue is muddy. Even if it weather is gorgeous, photos of the bridal party with umbrellas and in rain boots look awfully cute for a springtime wedding!
  3. Consider prints for your dresses. Spring dresses have traditionally been about floral patterns. Are you a daring bride? Perhaps a printed floral dress is for you? If you want the traditional white or off-white dress, you might want to consider a floral for your bridesmaids’ dresses.
  4. Mix your pastels with metallic and other neutrals to avoid your wedding having an overly “Easter” feel to it. When done right, pastels can have a super-sophisticated feeling, so think about selecting pastels that are not color-saturated and mixing them with luxe golds, silvers, and bronzes to create a rich look.
  5. Take advantage of the sunshine. Spring is all about renewal and the end of dreary winter days. So, a springtime wedding is a perfect opportunity for an outdoor ceremony, an afternoon reception, or any other event that lets you take advantage of natural lighting conditions.
  6. Have your heart set on an evening wedding and reception? Talk to your photographer about coming to your venue prior to the ceremony and reception to take photographs that take advantage of the beautiful natural lighting conditions and budding flowers unique to spring. Remember, the days are still short in springtime, so you want to make sure you have plenty of time to get the pictures you want in the ideal lighting conditions.
  7. Set up a photo booth with a spring theme to the accessories. Watering cans, trowels, and flower pots can have your guests planting a “seeds” for a happy marriage.
  8. Plan for unpredictable weather. Springtime weddings can be unexpectedly chilly or unpleasantly warm. Plan for both. If you are having an outdoor ceremony or reception and the forecast predicts a chilly evening, have baskets of decorative shawls available for guests who might get chilly. If the day will be unseasonably warm, have coolers full of evaporative neck cooling bands to keep your guests from overheating.
  9. Let the season dictate your menu. Springtime is about light eating, so consider buffet style meals and informal dining arrangements, where guests are encouraged to mix and mingle while they eat.


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