From Mascots to Mysticism

16 Wedding Trends to Make Your Big Day Magical in 2020

When taking that trip down the aisle, you’ll want your 2020 wedding to be as big as your love! Check out our trending wedding ideas to ensure that your big day goes off without a hitch! (Well, just the one.)

  • Smoke Bomb

Fireworks may be a bit over the top, but there’s no reason you can’t make an entrance (or exit) of explosive proportions. Also known as Color Grenades, these delightful displays are an affordable and crowd-pleasing way to add that little flair to your big day. (Remember, safety comes first. Please use as directed.)

  • Over-the-Top Invites

Perhaps you hire a calligraphist to design ornate cards, or have a custom website designed to announce your big day. However, you do it, over-the-top invites and announcements are a budding trend for the 2020 wedding fashionista. Incorporate aspects from your reception’s theme to truly round out the effect. 

  • Bespoke Registry

Forego the kitchen appliances and fill your registry with things you actually want. Whether it’s those foreign language classes you’ve been dying to take or an extra week on your honeymoon, start your new life together with gifts that truly bring a smile to your face.

  • Pair Talent with Talent

Gone are the days of one and done! Spice up the night with a mix of local talent, interspersing styles throughout the evening. If a string quartet is out of your budget, hire a saxophonist to accompany the DJ or ask your soloist cousin to jump onto the stage for her fifteen minutes of fame.

  • Theme It Up

If traditional seems a bit too …. traditional for your tastes, consider a themed wedding to shake things up. From the venue and decor to your gown and tux, pull all the stops for a party your guests will never forget. (Yes, you can even require that they come in full garb, too! Just ask nicely.)

  • Go Au Naturel

On a day meant to celebrate love, there’s no need to layer on the makeup. Indulge in natural services such as eyebrow threading and micro-needling to restore a youthful glow, plus self-care techniques to reduce the physical effects of stress. Remember, less is more.

  • Let Them Eat Cake(s)

Take it to the next tier (literally) with cakes that reflect the romance and joy of your relationship. Themes, hobbies, abstract art – nothing is beyond the pale when it comes to leveling up in 2020. For a delicious twist, include smaller cakes or petit-fours to please everyone’s palette.

  • Reimagine the Great Outdoors

Say goodbye to traditional venues and host your wedding in a locale that holds intrinsic value for you and your (soon-to-be) spouse. From a country cottage or sandy beach to a greenhouse conservatory or museum, express your passion for your interests and each other with a setting that’ll wow even the wall-flowers on your guest list.

  • Private Vows

Though a wedding is an opportunity to showcase your love, it can feel constricting to share your nuptials in public. Increasingly in 2020, couples are choosing to exchange vows in private before the ceremony, followed by a more traditional officiation for friends and family.

  • Powder Room

For all the thought they put into their appearance, your lady guests deserve a chance to freshen up. Arrange a make-up and hair station in the bathroom, or consider hiring a professional to fix up-dos and blow-outs. Doll it up with all the trimmings from lipstick to liner to keep the girls looking fresh all night long.

  • Micro Wedding

For couples who prefer a more intimate gathering, this is the 2020 trend you can’t miss. Pare down the list to a manageable number of guests (think 30 or 40), ensuring that your night is shared only with those whom you care about most. Because your budget is higher per person, you can provide a truly remarkable experience to each guest.

  • Inclusive Menus

With the start of the new decade, everyone and their mother seems to have a new definition of health! Skip the sure disappointment of chicken or steak and concoct a menu to suit everyone’s taste. 

  • Get Cheesy

Along with your all-inclusive menu options, you’ll want to include an all-out cheese and charcuterie spread. Overflowing with nuts, dried fruit, and all the finest fromage your budget will allow, this smorgasbord can double as a convenient grazing station for late-night party goers.

  • Charity Trade

If the idea of a wedding registry rubs your internal philanthropist the wrong way, consider replacing your wish list with an appeal for donations. Provide guests with a list of charitable organizations that you both support, and (kindly!) suggest that guests donate their money rather than buy you gifts.

  • Photos

As much as they pine to capture the moment, an ill-placed guest can utterly ruin even the best photographer’s beautiful shot. Trending in 2020, weddings are going unplugged – meaning no photos allowed, other than the hired professionals. Not only will this trend guarantee a better album, but guests will truly be present to witness your special moment.

  • DIY Drinks

From mock to cocktails, this trending wedding idea for 2020 gives guests the opportunity to truly pick their own poison. Liquor, fresh-squeezed juice, and hot chocolate have all made their appearance on the list, with endless options for all tastes. (Often, a barista will be hired to mix the drinks and oversee consumption.)

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