Garter & Bouquet Toss, Yes or No

We are often asked whether the garter or bouquet toss is still in or whether it is cheesy. The answer depends on the couple and how it is approached. In all honesty, the traditions are both a little cheesy, as many wedding traditions are, but that does not mean that they can’t be a whole lot of fun, if you both want to do them and you approach them playfully. For couples that opt to skip them, there are some new traditions that are developing, like the anniversary dance where married couples are asked to take the floor to share a dance after the married couple’s first dance, or where the bride presents the bouquet to her mother or mother-in-law instead of throwing it. For those who want to have the traditional bouquet or garter toss, here are our tips for how to do them without being cheesy or awkward.


  1. The Bouquet. If there are not going to be a lot of single women present, have your florist design a breakaway bouquet that will divide into several bouquets when tossed, and have all of your female guests, single and married, gather for the bouquet toss.
  2. The garter toss. To keep the garter toss classy, the bride should wear the garter just above the knee, be seated for the groom to remove the garter, raise her dress and extend her leg to make removal of the garter easier, and look at her groom while he is removing the garter. The groom should then toss the garter into the crowd, not up into the air, where it is likely to catch on light fixtures!

If you’re on the fence about whether to have a garter or bouquet toss, Chris Marino (DJ/Owner) would be happy to talk to you and help you figure out an approach that reflects your unique style as a couple. What works for one couple would be awkward for another couple, and Chris is great at helping people customize their weddings! While we pride ourselves on offering high-quality and affordable DJ, photography, and photo booth services for weddings and other events, what drives our reputation and made us one of Wedding Wire’s Couple’s Choice wedding vendors is our commitment to customer service. Call 888-900-0042 or Contact Us Today to find out why couples love to add a little Limelight to their weddings!

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