Hottest New Wedding Trends for 2016

NJ Wedding Trends 2016Your wedding day is one of the biggest and most important days of your life. You want it to be memorable, not only for you and your intended, but for the room full of wedding guests as well. That’s why we’ve gathered the hottest new wedding trends of 2016, to help you determine what’s going to make your wedding stand apart.




The Sort Of Destination Wedding

While destination weddings are still popular this year, there’s a new twist on the idea. Instead of travelling to those destinations you and your future spouse love, bring aspects of your special places to your wedding. By utilizing the elements of your favorite vacation spots, you give special meaning to your wedding day. For instance, instead of getting married in Paris, give your reception a Paris-inspired theme rich with black, gold, and ivory, mochas and lattes, and sophisticated, yet muted ballroom decorations.

Romantic Ambience

Of course you want your wedding to feel romantic, but this year, brides and grooms are taking romantic ambience a step beyond the traditional. Create an intimate atmosphere that stretches from your wedding ceremony through the reception and into the night by having consistent themes throughout the whole event. This can include colors and styles, as well as specific décor that tie the wedding ceremony with the reception to lend a united feel to the entire day.

Going Local

While most people get married close to home, many are also incorporating local themes into their ceremonies and receptions in 2016. Location dependent foods are springing up on wedding dishes, paying homage to traditions important to the couple. Other brides are opting for locally grown flowers that are in season for a simple, yet stylish look. Many of this year’s floral arrangements use these locally grown flowers to make free form bouquets that look hand picked for a cherished and nostalgic feel.

Metallic Colors Are In

The top bridal colors for 2016 are definitely metallics. They shimmer. They shine. They sparkle. Metallic colors are a great choice because they fit with any wedding theme and style, from classic chic to rustic beauty. Expect to see metallics such as bronze, gold, and silver popping up everywhere. From bridesmaid dresses to décor or floral arrangements and even in food, with metallic elements added into to frostings and wedding cakes.

Are You Planning a 2016 Wedding?

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