How To Achieve The Perfect Ending For Your Wedding Reception

Couples give a lot of thought to the firsts at their reception- the song for the first dance, the entrance song for the reception, but the last song is just as important, because it will not only be the last thing in the guests’ minds when they think of the wedding, but also the last thing in your minds when you think of your wedding.

  1. How do you want to end the evening?

    Every couple has a different vision of how they want to end their wedding? Some couples might want to close the place down, with their friends and family gathered in a circle, singing a song to them, others might want to dance one last romantic dance, while others might want something high energy. How do you want to end the evening?

  2. The perfect last dance.

    All night long, we are going to have been working hard to keep your music upbeat and jumping but the last dance is a special moment. The last dance should bring everyone together for the perfect send off. When your thinking of a song to close out your wedding reception, think of a song that all of your guests will enjoy. Young or old, everyone should be on the dance floor for this very special time. A Limelight favorite is “Piano Man” by Billy Joel. This song has nothing to do with a wedding but there is just something special about it. It brings everyone together and creates that perfect moment. What song will create your perfect moment?

Like everything else about your wedding, how it ends should be unique. Chris Marino (DJ/Owner), Jackie Cassidy (Photographer/Owner) or any of the wedding professionals at Limelight Entertainment would be happy to chat with you about how to personalize the end of your wedding. While we pride ourselves on offering high-quality and affordable DJ, photography, and photo booth services for weddings and other events, what drives our reputation and made us one of Wedding Wire’s Couple’s Choice wedding vendors is our commitment to customer service. Call 888-900-0042 or Contact Us Today to find out why couples love to add a little Limelight to their weddings!


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