How to Spend your First Week of Wedding Planning

First Week of Wedding Planning

So, you’re newly engaged? Congratulations – this is such an exciting time, but it can definitely feel overwhelming at some points, so we’re here to help. In the beginning, you may feel the urge to tackle your entire vendor list, but oftentimes planning like that will cause more stress than is needed. Piecing together each part of your wedding one by one will keep you relaxed, on budget, and prioritized. That being said, what should you be focused on during the first week of the wedding planning process? Here’s a quick guide we put together here at Limelight Entertainment to help you through the initial stages of planning your big day.

    1. Set a Budget

The first thing that you should think about is how much you want to spend on your wedding day. Since the price of a wedding can vary based on location, take some time to research how much an average wedding is in your area. Discuss things with anyone contributing to the financials (parents) and look into using a budget tracker, so you stay organized.

    1. Prioritize What’s Important

This one will vary based on each couple and may differ between you and your fiance. Some compromise may be needed, but try to sit down with your partner and create a list in the order of importance. This list will include the vendors you’re willing to splurge on and those that don’t mean as much to you. I may be biased, but I think, for the most part, people remember two things from a wedding – the music and the venue.

    1. Decide on a Venue

This is a crucial step. So much of what goes into wedding planning ties into the venue. What style and look do you imagine your wedding having? Are you going to set your date based on the venue, or vice versa? Is the ceremony going to be held on-site? If so, does the venue accommodate your vision of the service? How many guests do you plan on having? These are all questions that need to be answered before and during the venue tour. When touring the venue, it has to match your style, but the staff should also make you feel comfortable and excited. You’ll want to be working with a great team that will make sure that everything runs smoothly for you on your wedding day.

    1. Find your Wedding DJ

As I mentioned earlier, we may be biased, but making sure you find a great wedding DJ is essential. Entertainment can literally make or break your wedding reception, and it’s the one vendor that every guest will remember. If your DJ has everyone up and dancing all night long (which is what you want), all of your guests will leave saying what an incredible wedding it was. On the other hand, if the DJ doesn’t play the right music, doesn’t provide a good flow throughout the event, or doesn’t know what they’re doing on the microphone, it will create an awkward vibe in the room, and your family and friends will not have a good time, and they may even leave early. You want a wedding DJ whos going to make sure your wedding is fun, exciting, and the one they can’t stop talking about! For more information on how to find the perfect wedding DJ, check out our blog on finding the right one. And while you’re considering wedding DJs, be sure to ask about any other services the company can offer. Some companies offer more than one service, such as Photography and Videography. This will take some of that “planning stress” away, knowing that you can take care of 2 or 3 vendors from a single company.

Here at Limelight Entertainment, we believe planning your wedding should be fun and easy. We hope that this guide will help you put together the perfect day. If you have reached the point where you’re now in the phase of finding a wedding DJ, photographer, or videographer, we’d love to hear from you!

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