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Why Have an Engagement Photo Session?

An Engagement Photography Session is such a memorable experience to have while on your journey to getting married. We know how exciting this time in your life really is and we know how important it is to capture these moments for you to cherish forever. We make it really easy to get those must have images of you and your future husband or wife while boasting your pre-wedding glow!

Having an engagement photography session allows you to get super creative with details during the planning of your wedding. You can create so much for your wedding day with the images you will receive from your engagement shoot. Save-the-dates, guest books, favors, and many other touches of personality can be added to your wedding with the images from this session. And if you are booking your wedding with us, an engagement shoot is a great way for you to get to know us and, more importantly, for us to get to know you. Check out some of our images below!! View even more images on our blog!
So if you are looking for an engagement photographer in the NJ area call us at 888.900.0042 or fill out our contact form and let’s start planning your next photo shoot.

Where Will My Engagement Photography Take Place?

The location is entirely up to you. Luckily, here at the Jersey Shore, we have many different locations to choose from. What is most important is that you choose a location that means something to you. Whether it’s where you had your first date or where you love to spend time with one another, your favorite spot will mean so much to you and reflect on your images. Suggested locations: Historic Allaire Village, the Beach, Point Pleasant Boardwalk, Asbury Park Downtown and Boardwalk, Princeton University, Batsto Village, Spring Lake, Sandy Hook and others.

Engagement Photo Props?

Remember, this is your photo shoot and your images which you will cherish for a lifetime. We want you to have no regrets and we encourage all kinds of fun props for the photo shoot. It can be something meaningful to you (movie ticket stub, favorite candy, poster), anything you’ve made (save the date sign, banner, old photos together) basically we’re open for anything. Your furry little ones (dog & cat) are always welcome for your engagement photo shoot!

What to Wear at my Engagement Picture Shoot?

We recommend only 1 wardrobe change for the average photo shoot. If you’d like to book extra wardrobe changes we can discuss a package that works for you! A good idea is to choose lighter color and simple pattern during the day. Darker color and more dressy for the evening pictures. You can plan and match the color or style with each other. Your engagement photographer will often ask you to sit on grass or bench, and lean on a wall, so dress comfortably for those situations.

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