3 Ways to Make Sure Your Dance Floor Is Awesome

When you get married, you get to throw an amazing reception. But what’s the most important part of the celebration? Though the food and drinks are certainly highlights, one of the best parts of the evening is the music and dancing.

This is the part of the nuptials that all your guests have been waiting for. They finally get to let go of some formality and party like rock star’s. Make your wedding the one people talk about for years by making your dance floor awesome. Here’s how to do it.


Very few individuals are brave enough to come to the dance floor alone, but a talented DJ can feel the vibe of the crowd.  He or she will know the songs that will get your guests excited and ready to rock.  A great DJ also knows which songs get people to actually stay on the dance floor.  It’s all about reading the crowd, keeping a good flow and playing the right song at the right time.

Ordinary DJs will remain stuck in the same song formula that might feel dull and redundant, but great DJs will be quick to fade out a song that doesn’t click with the crowd and introduce a track that revives the party. If you hire an inexperienced or bargain DJ, you’ll get doubtful results. Keeping a party going takes a unique talent that only experienced DJs have. Invest in a great DJ and you won’t regret it.

Create the Right Atmosphere

Where are you most likely to gather the courage to dance: in a brightly lit room or a dim room with some succulent accent lights? Creating the right mood with either dance floor lighting or some up-lighting can make all the difference in whether your reception feels like a sizzling celebration or a pubescent middle school dance.

Therefore, enhance your guests’ experience by making the reception exciting and dynamic. Today’s technology allows so many lighting possibilities to keep the pulse of the party beating strong. Use everything to your advantage!

Get up and Dance

It seems obvious but as the bride and groom, you should take the lead and get the party started. Hit the dance floor and invite everyone to come up and get moving!  If you’re having a good time, all of your guests will as well.  And besides, with the help of your DJ and the right atmosphere, you won’t be twisting anyone’s arms to have some fun! The right dance floor and music will attract a vibrant crowd that’s ready to party.


Hiring a great DJ who can hook up your dance floor with the right mood can turn an ordinary reception into an unforgettable one. If you’ve been on the search for the right wedding reception entertainment, we’d love to hear from you!  Drop us a line or give us a call anytime.

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