Why the Personality of your DJ Matters

two djs talking showing off their personality

Regarding the entertainment at your wedding, we’re sure almost everyone has a vision for the party. We always ask couples what’s most important to them when it comes to the DJ, and they’re always telling us that they want their guests to dance and have fun. And that’s great, and it’s precisely what we want to see as DJs. But only some have the same taste in music, and although the end result of a packed dance floor is always the goal, each couple may have different ideas of how to make that happen. That is why it is important to consider the personality of your DJ.

For a great wedding, finding a DJ willing to cater to your interests is essential because, believe it or not, there are still DJs out there who ignore entirely what their couples ask of them because they think they know best. It’s hard to believe, but unfortunately, it does happen. We hear horror stories about this all the time, and honestly, I feel bad for the couples out there that have had to experience this. What we mean by “Catering to your Interests” applies to both the music that will be played, for example, a “Must Play List” of songs provided by the couple, and how they expect us to entertain on the microphone. One of my favorite things about being a wedding DJ with Limelight is that we have the ability and talent on staff to cater to couples with all sorts of visions for their receptions. We have some couples that want fun party music for all ages, couples who wish to throw it back to the pop-punk era, and couples who want to turn their wedding into a club night at the Jersey Shore. The list goes on and on. But what’s so cool is that we do take the time to make sure we click and will be able to deliver that vision and experience for the couple on their wedding day.

The same rules apply to when and how often someone uses the microphone. The most common thing we hear from couples when we ask about past weddings they’ve attended is that “they were at a party where the MC would not stop talking.” If you don’t like an overspoken MC or want your dance sets to be more music-driven, it’s not the best idea to hire a DJ who will be shouting into the microphone all night and making you uncomfortable. Again, I can’t believe this happens, but it does. Cringe!

Having that personal connection with your DJ about music and style will make planning a breeze and ensure your wedding vision will come to life. At Limelight, we realize it’s your day, never ours. If you’re searching for wedding entertainment, contact us and see which DJ and their personality will be the best fit for you!

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