How Many Months Before the Wedding Should You Book the DJ?

How Many Months Before the Wedding Should You Book the DJ?

Your wedding may be the biggest celebration of your adult life. During wedding planning, however, many couples end up feeling like they’re caught in a race against time and book every wedding vendor they might need without considering how their wedding entertainment can impact the overall experience.

A big mistake is reaching out to vendors too soon, diverting their attention from more timely clients or booking at the last minute, especially during peak seasons when wedding DJs and other vendors have a high volume of clients, according to Brides magazine.

At Limelight Entertainment, we have a knack for finding the right timing — and that includes offering our recommendations on when to book your wedding entertainment.

Planning Your Wedding Reception Entertainment

Although many wedding planners recommend booking a wedding DJ service twelve months before your event, we’re more flexible. Having kept the party going at weddings throughout the tri-state area since 2011, we can say that wedding plans vary as much as the moods created at a wedding reception, from energetic to elegant, eclectic to romantic.

Some couples have six-month engagements; others might be engaged for a year or more, depending on how their lives and budgets fall into order. Rather than adhering to a twelve-month deadline, we recommend hiring your DJ service after you book your wedding venue, which will often include your catering plans.

In other words, once you have your location in place, cue the music.

The availability of the wedding venue sets your date, after all. From there, you can coordinate with your other vendors.

No couple wants to feel like they’ve “settled” on a vendor they didn’t really want because their top choice isn’t available. Instead, we’ve found that working from the date you’ve locked in for the wedding reception allows the other wedding reception elements to arrange themselves beautifully, much like a custom music mix.

Limelight Entertainment: Wedding DJs, Photography, and Videography

At Limelight Entertainment, our seasoned wedding DJs not only have extensive music knowledge and experience in putting couples in the spotlight, but we also remember our own wedding celebrations. That’s why we also offer wedding photography and wedding videography, saving you from having to book another wedding vendor.

Photos, video, and music create the positive wedding vibe that is our specialty — but we do it strictly with your guidance. We offer a detailed online planning platform where you can note your favorite songs — and any ones off limits, plus other details of your special day.

Our wedding DJ service includes photo booths, dazzling light shows, and interactive ways to help make your love story memorable for family and friends. What’s more, our wedding DJs have ample knowledge of music styles and genres to help brainstorm and choose unique mixes that speak to your vision and your tastes, whether you want to weave in tunes from when you started dating to playing the songs with lyrics that speak as if they were written just for you.

Best of all, you can stay up-to-date with your wedding entertainment plan by logging into our website whenever you like or by contacting us directly. We pride ourselves on open communication, so we’ll never leave you hanging.

Ready to talk more about what the wedding reception DJ services of Limelight Entertainment can do for you? Contact us here or call us at (888) 900-0042.

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