What Does a Wedding DJ Typically Charge? Is It Worth the Cost?

What Does a Wedding DJ Typically Charge? Is It Worth the Cost?

A wedding reception tops off one of the biggest days in a couple’s life and shares the start of that new life with all of their friends and loved ones. When setting a budget for your wedding reception, it’s important to factor in professional wedding entertainment and how much they charge, like DJ services, to handle any hiccups so your love story stays the star of the show.

At Limelight Entertainment, we’ve proudly rocked the house at weddings throughout the tri-state area since 2011, crafting moods from romantic and mellow to energetic and eclectic. So if you want the extra excitement and intimacy that a wedding DJ brings, along with professional sound, equipment, and personality, here’s how we can serve you.

The Typical Cost of a Wedding DJ

Top-notch wedding DJs are less expensive than a live band but understandably cost more than your brother-in-law tapping through a Spotify playlist. Couples in 2021 spent an average of $1,400 on a wedding reception DJ, according to a 2021 survey from The Knot of more than 15,000 couples. Costs vary depending on how many hours you hire a DJ service and your location. For example, the survey found that couples in the Mid-Atlantic states pay a little more for DJ services than those in the Southwest.

Why Our Wedding DJs are Worth It

Our DJs know how to let the music speak for itself and keep a good flow throughout the event. We keep your dance floor packed so you don’t stress. We’re a wedding vendor that backs you up with style, whether you need to shuffle the set list for grandparents who have to leave earlier than expected or add an extra song for the caterer as the cake is prepared for service. We know that you and your new spouse take center stage, so we work hard to build our equipment and speakers into the ambiance.

We’re happy to brainstorm unique mixes that speak to your tastes, whether you want to weave in your special couple’s songs throughout the night, pop on your favorite college throwback, or tap into your latest Top-40 obsession. We’ll work with you to create a one-of-a-kind, amazing celebration that’s memorable for the right reasons — you and your guests had a fabulous time, and the wedding entertainment is part of why.

Our wedding DJs have extensive musical knowledge, seasoned mixing and voiceover skills, experience as musicians and audio engineers, and can even take background music to a new level.

Our Pricing

Our services start at $1,450. Our clients spend about $3,500 on wedding entertainment on average — but that includes more than just music. We can set the mood ahead of the wedding ceremony, help keep the conversation flowing at cocktail hour, and send you and your beloved off at a high point. We also offer photo booths, stunning light shows, wedding photography — and even online planning tools so you can stay up-to-date without feeling frazzled about your big day.

Ready to talk more about our superior wedding DJ services? Contact us on our website or call us at (888) 900-0042.

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