What Questions Should I Ask Before Hiring a Wedding DJ?

Planning a beautiful wedding involves many details, and one aspect you shouldn’t overlook is selecting a vetted wedding DJ. The DJ sets the tone for the entire reception, so it’s crucial that you ask them the right questions before booking and that their style matches that of you and your future spouse. Before hiring your wedding DJ, ask them these ten important questions.

1. Can I See a Video of a Previous Wedding You’ve DJed?

You’ll want to see reviews, testimonials, and perhaps even videos of previous work before committing. Unless you’ve been to a wedding where the same DJ was hired, ask to see video content from previous events. Even better, ask if the entertainment company has any past customers that would be willing to share their personal experiences with you!

2. How Will We Communicate Between the Time of Booking and the Wedding Day?

Unfortunately, some wedding vendors vanish after signing the contract. They might be unreachable, slow to respond, or just busy with other events. An above-average entertainment company will have an online planning platform that keeps all of your details streamlined and organized, plus, they’ll be responsive throughout the planning process.

3. When Will You Arrive and Depart on the Day of the Wedding?

It’s important that the DJ shows up at the right time, considering they are the glue that will hold your wedding reception together! Confirm before booking what time they are expected to begin playing, and how much time they need to set up and prepare. When it comes to the end of the evening, ask if overtime would be available. What happens if you stay at your venue later than planned or are having an after-party? It’s better to know if that is an option beforehand so that you aren’t surprised the night of, whether that’s with overtime charges or a vendor who starts packing up the second the last song ends.

4. What Will You Wear on the Wedding Day?

A professional DJ will show up in formal attire, but you don’t want to assume! If you’re having a more formal wedding, make sure to share that information with your DJ or entertainment company in advance.

5. What Equipment Do You Need?

Some venues have built in sound systems and lighting. If your wedding venue does not provide this equipment, you might need speakers, lighting, a microphone, other audio equipment, and much more. Make sure that your vendor is aware of this and ask upfront what your vendor is providing. Any professional vendors who are more full-service will provide all of this for you. You’ll be able to weed out under-prepared DJs when you ask this question.

6. Do You (And Your Staff, if Applicable) Require a Meal?

Wedding costs are usually calculated “by the head,” which means that you pay for each person. If you’re having an 8-piece band, a DJ, and an emcee, that can add up to the price of an entire additional table of guests! Make sure to ask in advance if meals are expected (or required), so you can accommodate them in your budget, you know to tell your caterer or venue, and you plan to have a place where they can briefly eat.

7. Do You Have a Standard Set List You Play or Perform for Weddings?

If the DJ you’re considering for your special day has done many weddings, they should have a go-to list of fun and exciting songs that will pack your dance floor. If they’re leaving the list completely up to you, that might be a red flag. Creating a list of songs you like sounds easy enough, but blending them together in an order that will keep all your guests on the dance floor is a whole other task that you might not want to take on yourself. Leave it to the experts to ensure your guests have a great time!

8. Will You Guarantee to Play or Not Play Songs That I’ve Requested?

Perhaps there is an anthem you can’t wait to sing along to with your friends or a song you just can’t stand. Whatever situation it might be, make sure to ask your vendor to guarantee that they will or will not play certain songs should you ask. If the DJ can’t guarantee this, move on! It’s your wedding day, not theirs, and you have the final say.

9. Will You Take Requests From Guests, and if So, Can We Still Keep to the “Do Not Play” List?

You might think your family and friends have good taste in music, but you might be wrong! Ask your DJ if they will accept a “do not play” list and if they will 100% respect it, even if a guest is pressuring them. If you still want your guests to be able to request songs, but you also want to have some control over what they are, include a line on your RSVP cards or wedding website where they can make suggestions. Chances are, your guests will forget what they requested by the time the wedding comes around anyway!

10. Will I Receive a Written Contract?

When hiring your wedding DJ, it’s important to have a clear, signed contract. If your wedding DJ can’t or won’t provide you with a contract, you might want to think twice about using them.

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