Erin + Erik’s Boardwalk Themed Wedding at the Windsor Ballroom

Erin and Erik’s vibrant personalities definitely stole the show at their boardwalk themed inspired wedding. Erin is so creative and such a fun individual! All the invitations and stationary she sent out to her friends and family were made by her. The day started out as Erin got ready with her lovely friends and family at her sister Katie’s home. Everyone was thrilled and excited for Erin and Erik. Smiles, laughs, and good conversation filled the space. I need to take a minute to mention Erin’s laugh – her laugh is so radiant and contagious. It filled the room with happiness and love. Not only did her happiness shine from her smile, but her bright blue eyes glistened as she prepared for the day. What a sight to see as Erin got all glammed up for her big day! Accent lace sparkly flowers filled her Maggie Sottero designed dress from Curvy Bride. She looked stunning! Makeup ready, hair all done, and dress on Erin was all set to go and boy was she excited!

We headed to the church to get Erin and Erik married. Erik looked dashing! He could not stop smiling as Erin walked down the aisle. Erin looked beautiful and Erik could not take his eyes of his bride, with his smile so big it was like he was falling in love all over again. Standing next to her groom, Erin’s smile could not get any wider. The gorgeous couple’s laughter filled the space making everyone so cheerful during their ceremony. This ceremony was joyous and I could not wait to see what the rest of the day would bring. A bubble and pinwheel exit waited for Erin and Erik as the newly weds kissed at the church steps while the crowd around them cheered.

The wet grounds at Sayen Gardens did not stop this ready to go bride and groom as we headed with the lovely bridal party for their after ceremony portraits. The energy the couple brought to this wedding day magnified each space we were in. Their personalities are so similar and Erin’s laugh so contagious that each moment spent with this beloved couple was so much fun. From smiles, laughs, and conversations they brought out the pure joy with each other’s happiness that day!

We headed to Windsor Ballroom for the afterparty where DJ Chris Marino kept the party going all night. Dancing and laughing filled the ballroom as Erin and Erik entertained their guests with their bubbly dance moves. The energy this couple brought to the afterparty was incredible! Their high-spirited vibes filled the room and got everyone in such an ebullient mood. Their cake was so cute! Chocolate Carousel did an excellent job at capturing the couples unique and fun personality. The boardwalk theme was presented throughout the evening. From boardwalk tickets, to mini claw machine games, to a homemade photo booth – this couple really caught the sense and setting of a boardwalk with their details.

Erin and Erik had such a fun and energetic wedding filled with love and laughs. I wish the best for this couple and thank them for choosing us to celebrate with them on their big day.

Erin and Erik may you both continue to brighten up the lives around you and never stop laughing.



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