Reception Entrance Songs

Reception Entrance Songs

The moment when the bride and groom enter the reception is one of the most joyous moments of the night and, as a DJ, I love helping couples find the right song to make their debut as newlyweds. That is why my favorite reception entrance songs are unabashedly upbeat, optimistic, and all about the power of love.


  1. Walking on Sunshine– Katrina and the Waves. A bouncy and infectious song that captures the feeling of requited love perfectly. Another bonus for the song is that it is old enough to be easily recognized by everyone at the reception and has proven its timelessness.


  1. Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours– Stevie Wonder. If marriage is a contract, then Stevie Wonder’s classic may be the best song ever to describe one person giving himself to another in marriage.


  1. Marry You– Bruno Mars. Although you will technically already be married when entering the reception, could a song more perfectly capture the feeling of optimistic young love?


  1. Heaven Tonight– Hole. This is my darkhorse pick, since most people do not think of Courtney Love and love songs, but the instrumental parts of the song are purely gorgeous and the lyrics describe abandoning yourself to the idea of love.


  1. It Takes Two– Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock. What better song for two people who have joined their lives together than this iconic early rap song?


  1. The Way You Make Me Feel- Michael Jackson. So many of us grew up on Michael Jackson’s signature pop sound and this song perfectly describes how people feel when they are in love.


  1. Crazy Little Thing Called Love– Queen. Queen is a difficult band to type because no one else has music quite like theirs, but whether you consider this song rock, rockabilly, or blues- all descriptors used to describe it, it is easily recognized as one of the most iconic songs about love.


  1. Music Sounds Better with You – Stardust. A lesser known song, its 70’s disco-ish vibe will raise the energy in the room, while its lyrics celebrate the things we love about love.


  1. Viva La Vida!- Coldplay. For all of their beautiful music and romantic instruments, Coldplay’s lyrics often keep their songs from being considered truly romantic. However, what better day to feel like you ruled the world than your wedding day?


  1. Beautiful Day– U2. Perhaps the perfect song for a reception entrance, because no matter what the weather, the day you marry the love of your life is a beautiful day.

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