Family and Lifestyle Photography

Photographer: Casey Lebiedziewicz of Limelight Entertainment

Location: Sayen Gardens, Hamilton NJ

From the engagement to the wedding to maternity to family and lifestyle photography, and everything in-between. We LOVE our couples and capturing the many memories throughout their lives.

Maternity announcements… Holiday cards… Kid’s first day of school… Grandparents begging you for family photos… A 1st, 5th, 10th [or any] birthday. There are endless reasons to need to capture and freeze this precious time in your lives.

Our family is important to us, and we know how important your family is to you!! Photographing the youngsters still young can be crucial, cause we know how fast kids grow up and how much they change during the process. We know that it is essential to capture these moments in time, not just for you but also for them.

An awesome location for family photography is Sayen Gardens in Hamilton, NJ. This park has many beautiful spots and bright colors, offering so many photography opportunities. During the spring and summer, the gardens are filled with lots of greenery, including colorful plants, flowers, and trees. In the fall and winter, the abundance of trees (including evergreens!) will add a fun and inviting touch to your photography.

We continue to look forward to photographing all of life’s big moments for our couples. Thank you so much for choosing Limelight Entertainment to capture your memories.

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