Belmar Beach Engagement Photos

Belmar Beach is a gorgeous, serene location for engagement photography. Jane met Olivia and Dale down by the pier and began photographing while the waves came in and out. With tons of kisses and laughs, Jane captured the silly moments and the romantic moments between them. Olivia wore a cute light blue floral printed dress, and Dale had on blue shorts with a white button-down top. The pair looked awesome and beachy for their Belmar Beach engagement photography.

  • How did your fiancé propose?

“The proposal was set up in our house. Had the walkway lined with candles, rose petals, balloons, and framed pictures of us throughout the years.”

Aww! This proposal was so personal and very romantic. They’re such a sweet and down-to-earth couple. 

  • What does your favorite date night look like?

“Relaxing! Good food, bottle wine, and a movie!”

Congratulations, Olivia and Dale, on your engagement. We are super excited to photograph your wedding at The Mill Lakeside Manor next summer! 

Photographer: Jane Martinez of Limelight Entertainment

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