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Future Wedding Venue: The English Manor

Belmar Beach Engagement PhotosEngagement Photos At Belmar BeachBelmar Beach is where we did Shannon and Tom’s engagement photography and is one of our favorite beaches for engagement sessions. There are so many fun photography locations at Belmar Beach! This location has a sandy beach and harvests rocks and green brush and nature we can photograph in for a different perspective to your pictures. The sand and pier offer a neutral pallet to your photography. In contrast, the greenery and beautiful skies add a little bit of color to the overall look. Be prepared if you want beach engagement photography… there may be wind and a ton of sand! Comfortable shoes and hairspray (or a hairbrush) will be your best friends during your session! Trust us, you’ll thank us later. HA HA!!

Belmar Beach Engagement

Anything flowy, including a cute flowy dress, is PERFECT for beach photography!! 

Shannon and Tom looked so cute for their engagement photography! Shannon went with an adorable flowy floral green and white printed dress. Paired this look with neutral-colored sandals and the prettiest dainty jewelry. Tom had a short-sleeved button-down shirt, cream dress pants, and brown suede shoes. They looked so awesome!! The sandy beach and tall grass environment really complimented their organic outfits.

Belmar Beach Engagement PhotographyEngagement Photography Belmar BeachBelmar Beach Engagement Photographer

What do you two like to do together?

“We literally do everything together. Whether it’s something the two of us have in common or something only one of us is interested in, we do it all together. Tom is the person I want to experience everything in life with.” – Shannon gushes about their relationship.

Belmar Beach EngagementBelmar Beach B&W Engagement Photo

Belmar Beach Engagement

Let’s talk about their wedding venue: The English Manor!

“We are getting married at the English Manor. The venue is so beautiful as is. I find it very romantic and sweet, especially in the ballroom, a bright and light space, in a color scheme sense. I want to add a bit of color. I envision our wedding having a bohemian style, maybe a little rustic. I’m not super into country, so not too rustic. I’m not super traditional either. I like to be a bit different and to stand out. We think different shades of blush to cinnamon rose to burgundy for a color scheme. And a pop of sage green. My bridesmaids will be wearing all different shades of my color scheme in different styles. I love flowers, so there will be a focus on florals. In the end, we just want our wedding to be a day that everyone remembers and truly enjoys. I want our photos to capture everything: the details on the tables – the dancing on the dance floor and everything in between.” – Shannon shares why The English Manor.


Belmar Beach EngagementEngagement Photographer Belmar Beach

How did he pop the question?

“Tom and I decided that we wanted to try snowboarding. Tom had never been and I only a handful of times. So drove up to Shawnee, PA, for a few days and happened to go when we had that crazy snowstorm at the beginning of February. We completed day one of snowboarding, and it was tough in that storm! It was now time for dinner, and the resort we were staying at had their own restaurants and a brewery on-site, so we were not too concerned about traveling in the storm. Well, this storm was not messing around, and we only had one option for food, and it was the brewery closing in less than an hour. While walking to the brewery, I noticed that Tom wasn’t wearing his gloves, and I essentially started to yell at him to put his gloves on because of how cold it was outside. We are outside the brewery, and Tom gets down on one knee in a foot or so of snow. I was so surprised! After 5 1/2 years, of course, I said YES!” – Shannon shares.

B&W Engagement Photo Belmar BeachBelmar Beach EngagementBelmar Beach Engagement

Belmar Beach EngagementBelmar Beach EngagementBelmar Beach Engagement

These two met through one of Shannon’s co-workers from work. They began dating after running into each other two months after they first met! They immediately clicked and became inseparable! Talk about soulmates!! Shannon and Tom enjoy spending time with each other – and trying new things together.

Belmar Beach Engagement

Belmar Beach EngagementBelmar Beach Engagement Ring PhotographyBelmar Beach Engagement

“In the end, we just want our wedding to be a day that everyone remembers and truly enjoys.”

Belmar Beach Engagement PhotographBelmar Beach EngagementBelmar Beach EngagementCongratulations to Shannon and Tom! Thank you so much for choosing Limelight Entertainment to capture your engagement photography at Belmar Beach. It was so much fun!! We are looking forward to photographing your wedding at The English Manor in June!!

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