Summer Lake Engagement Photos

Spring Lake Engagement Photos

Emily and Ian are truly the cutest couple around! These two lovebirds could not stop giggling and laughing with one another during their engagement photography. Their love radiated off of them which made us smile too! HOW SWEET!! They chose Spring Lake, NJ for their summer lake engagement photos because of its natural beauty and extensive greenery.

Photographer: Jackie of Limelight Entertainment, check out their portfolio here!
Photographer: Casey of Limelight Entertainment, check out their portfolio here!
Photo Location: Spring Lake
Future Venue: The Hamilton Manor

Can we take a moment to appreciate Emily’s printed ruffled dress!? Gosh, it’s so cute!



Spring Lake, NJ has the coziest corners and flourishing nooks for your engagement photography. It is the perfect location during the spring and summer if you are looking for greenery and flowers within your photos. If you and your partner love exploring parks, trails, and naturists locations, then Spring Lake is perfect for the romantic portraits you are wishing to capture with your engagement photos.

“We would describe our relationship as playful and loving!” – Emily and Ian.

The couple met on the dating app Tinder eight years ago and decided to tie the knot at Hamilton Manor in May 2024.




Emily and Ian’s engagement photo session was breathtaking, the light hit them just right!


“How we can have a great time no matter what we do! We have the same sense of humor and make each other laugh all the time.” – they shared.
We are obsessed with this casual outfit change! Emily switched to a cute blouse with a pair of jeans. She looked so fun and flirty!! Ian complemented her look with a solid sea-green T-shirt and a pair of jeans. They both wore white sneakers. This was the perfect look to end their engagement photo session on the beach near Spring Lake.

“We went to look at engagement rings in February, so I knew sometime after that he would propose. After a few months of waiting, he proposed on a beautiful June Friday at the Sayen Gardens in Hamilton. It was a perfect day!” – Emily
Thank you, Emily and Ian, for choosing us to capture your engagement photography. We cannot wait to see you both at your wedding at The Hamilton Manor in May!

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