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Perhaps the most frequently overlooked element of wedding planning and design is lighting. Expert lighting adds enormous visual impact to your reception. Whether you prefer dramatic washes of color and patterns, subtle up-lighting to highlight your reception hall’s architecture, or your names brilliantly shown on the walls, dance floor or even the ceiling, event lighting is certain to impress your guests and emphasize the beauty of your chosen décor. Our lighting design and wedding production services are managed by experts who know that proper lighting can draw the crowd in to those emotional and moving moments or have guests show their wild and fun side. Capturing the fun that is out on the dance floor, lighting takes your wedding reception to another level.
Lighting dazzles, creates illusions and puts the professional polish on world class events and weddings. It can make a dramatic statement or simply add elegance or flair.

In short, up-lighting is the art of painting with light to create a truly magical background! Uplighting can turn a boring room with plain walls, into a unique and colorful venue. If coordinated well in advance, these color schemes can be used to bring out the colors of your event, especially weddings! The colors can match your bridesmaid dresses, flowers and more. Uplighting offers a great opportunity to highlight architectural elements in a room, create a sense of depth, or add a wash of color that can coordinate with colors utilized in your celebration. This style utilizes one light with a color filter that stays on throughout the duration of your event. They are typically placed at the bottom of a wall shining directly up towards the ceiling.

Intelligent Lighting
Intelligent lighting is computer controlled and offers more versatility than standard systems which run the same continuous pattern. They are moving head lights that we place on top of trusses. The trusses, when covered with a white silk cover, can then be illuminated to practically any color. Intelligent lights allows the designer to adjust the colors, speed, patterns and programs to compliment the style of music being played. We have created custom programming unique to our company but still have the ability to further customize the look for your event. Through this technology we can create a soft luxurious fairy tale event or turn your entire room into a night club.

Monogram Projection/ Gobo Lighting
You and your guests will be wowed at the fact that your name, date of event, company logo, school mascot, photograph or any special message/artwork can be projected onto the walls or dance floor of your venue. It is a very cost effective way to create a unique and personalized wedding venue. Monogram projection & GOBO lighting can be used to create inviting entrances, focal points within a room or enchanting backdrops for any event.

Photo Booth
This is similar to photo novelties but combined in a portable photo booth. This new generation combines the classic “Strip Photo Booth” favorite with modern technology to produce a pair of 4-strip photos in either color or black and white in less than 16 seconds. The guests can see themselves on screen before they take their shot. We provide a scrapbook for the photo strips and for your guests to sign. This photo novelty provides you and your guests a keepsake of the night for you to remember forever. Also enjoy our LED photobooth, where the entire photobooth will light up to any color you desire.

Plasma TV’s & Projection Facades
Add some visual effect to your party and really WOW your guests. The TV’s and facades add a personal touch by allowing you to display a photo montage consisting of baby photos, relationship photos, or any other photos/video you wish your guests to view during the event.

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