Corporate Events

Corporate event planning can be very complicated. Whether it is an office holiday party, a product launch, a corporate-sponsored fundraiser, the goal is provide guests with a fun atmosphere that steps out of the traditional business scene. However, it is important to keep in mind that corporate events are linked to the business and reflect on that business, so it is critical that they maintain a certain level of professionalism. Striking the balance between professional and fun can present challenge and these challenges may vary depending on the expected guests for the event and the purposes of the event. A beach party launch for a new swimwear line is going to have a very different feel than a corporate holiday party, but you still want guests to enjoy each of the events. So, how do you balance professional with a party?

Limelight Entertainment has worked with businesses of all types, helping them bring their ideas about events to life. As with all of our work, Chris, the company’s owner, works personally with businesses to get a feel for what type of event atmosphere the business wants to create. Should the atmosphere be casual? What age range will the guests be? Will there be children in attendance? Will the guests be drinking alcohol? Will there be scheduled activities at the event? All of these questions will help Chris get an idea for what type of event you want to have, and he can work with you to create that atmosphere.

While Limelight Entertainment provides some of the best DJ services to be found in New Jersey, we also provide other services that can make your event stand-out. Targeting a younger crowd that loves selfies? Book one of our photo booths and your guests can leave with memories, while you are provided with photos of a fun event that you can use in future promotional materials. Need special lighting to set a mood? Talk to Chris and find out what we can do to help create the ambiance you want. We also offer casino rental services, which can provide an activity for everyone to enjoy, whether you couple the services with prizes for big winners, or whether your guests are just playing for bragging rights.
Whatever your business entertainment needs, Limelight Entertainment can help you meet them. Give us a call today, tell Chris what you envision for your event, and let him help you make it a reality.

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