Sweet Sixteens

NJ Sweet Sixteen DJ

Whether it is a sweet sixteen, a quinceañera, a confirmation party, a bar mitzvah, or a bat mitzvah, coming-of-age parties are a tradition among many different cultures. Depending on the culture, these parties may be relatively small gatherings of families and friends or they can be huge productions that rival weddings in their scale and scope. For many New Jersey families, the idea of a coming-of-age party is something relatively new; parents may not have had the parties, and find themselves met with a new expectation that when their children, particularly their daughters, turn sixteen, they need to throw a big celebration. As a result, many parents find themselves balancing their desire to throw a reasonable birthday party with their children’s visions of an over-the-top celebrity-style event.

At Limelight Entertainment, we are going to work with your budget to make your child feel like the star of his or her coming-of-age party. The first thing we will do is have you meet with Chris, our owner. He is going to have an initial conversation with you to find out what kind of event you want. He is also going to find out what type of traditions you want to incorporate into the party. Some cultures embrace things like a traditional money dance, while other cultures reject that tradition and it is important to really talk to customers to understand what you do and do not want at your event. Chris’s goal is to work with you and your expectation to make sure that your child’s party is perfect for you and your family.

One of the things that Chris focuses on when planning sweet sixteens is that the guest-of-honor is not necessarily in charge of party planning. He knows that a teenager’s idea of what is appropriate may not be what is okay with mom or dad. He also knows that the party will not be a success unless the celebrated child has a wonderful time. So, Chris talks to the guests of honor and the parents and works with them to plan an event that the whole family can enjoy. Whether Limelight Entertainment is simply providing DJ services that encourage all of your guests to get up and dance, or providing more structured entertainment through our casino rentals, we work with each of our customers to ensure that the memories of their parties one that your children will always treasure.

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