Correy DeWindt

Lead Photographer

Correy is a very expressive photographer and truly shows it in his work. He is someone who has photographed many different subjects and puts all of his experience into every job that he does. Correy will do almost anything to get his shot. You can find him lying on the ground, standing on or in something, or sprinting across a field to capture every special moment. He loves capturing such special occasions for others and looks forward to doing it for you at your event.

What Our Clients Have To Say

“Correy really made me feel like he was excited for all my details and kept pumping me up and made me feel like a model”

“Correy & the limelight team was one of the easiest decisions my fiancé and I made during the wedding planning process.”

“HUGE thank you to Correy for being my wing-man all night (Carrying my train, my dress, veil, and bouquet!)”

“Correy was the Bridesmaid I never knew I needed!!!”

“Correy made us feel so at ease and found humor in the entire process”

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