Jessica Halas

Tier #1 Lead Photographer

Jessica is a talented NJ wedding photographer whose passion for photography began when she picked up a film camera. After spending some time taking photos for the US Navy she shifted to digital photos. With an artistic eye and a genuine love for capturing special moments, Jessica truly loves the immediate satisfaction of seeing exactly what she has created through her digital photography.

One of Jessica’s greatest strengths is her ability to utilize available light and manipulate artificial light to create stunning wedding photos. Whether it’s the soft glow of natural sunlight or the romantic ambiance of carefully placed artificial lighting, she knows how to make every shot stand out.

She loves prompting her couples to snuggle up and capturing traditional, heartfelt moments that truly reflect your love story. If you’re looking for a NJ wedding photographer who will capture your special day with passion, skill, and an eye for detail, Jessica is your go-to person. Her dedication to creating beautiful moments will ensure that your wedding photos are nothing short of extraordinary.

What Our Clients Have To Say

“Jess and the rest of the team made all my photos happen and she was extremely easy going all day!”

“Jess and the photography team made our night easy, fun, and stress free, and both me and my fiancé love how our photos turned out.”

“We can’t believe Jess made us look that good, LOL!”

“We wanted to say from the bottom of our hearts thank you to Jess and the team. Jess did not even feel like a photographer, she felt like she was a part of our group.”

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