Dave + Amber Wedding Photography at Avenue in Long Branch, NJ

Amber + Dave hosted their July wedding at The Avenue in Long Branch, NJ. Their beautiful ceremony was right on the beach as was their cocktail style reception in the sand. Their wedding colors were capri blue and silver. Their bridesmaids wore capri blue, above-the-knee dresses and the groom and groomsmen wore light gray suits and flip flops. So fun! The boutonnieres were wrapped in nautical ropes and the bride wore seashell pins in her hair.

Amber + Dave were married in the sand on the beach with all of their loved ones there, even their dog Smokey made it to the ceremony. Smokey was rockin a capri blue tie and tuxedo cuffs. He was so cute!!

Amber + Dave had their first dance with their toes in the sand. They chose cupcakes for dessert and the cupcakes were all decorated with different seashells.

One of my favorite moments from Amber + Dave’s wedding is after Amber + Dave were married and had their first kiss, they walked back down the aisle as Mr. + Mrs. with their puppy Smokey by their side. I loved that!

We had such a good time at their wedding. Thanks for having us be a part of your celebration!

Photography: Jackie Marino, co-owner of Limelight Entertainment
DJ: Chris Marino, co-owner of Limelight Entertainment
Venue: Le Avenue in Long Branch, NJ

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