Kelsie + Tristan’s Backyard Wedding

NJ Backyard Wedding

Kelsie and Tristan’s backyard wedding was filled with love, happiness, family, and a TON of sunflower decorations! Their “backyard rustic style” wedding took place on Kelsie’s parents’ property. They incorporated a lot of greenery and a ton of DIY decorations throughout the space, creating a very earthy feel. 

Kelsie got ready with her bridal crew at her parents’ home. The house’s interior was decorated with sunflower decorations that were hand-me-downs from Tristan’s sister’s wedding! Kelsie LOVES sunflowers, so they were the perfect added touch to the space. We began the day by photographing her details – which were absolutely gorgeous! Her Sophia Tolli Bridal gown from Castle Couture in Manalapan, NJ, had the perfect amount of lace and a long train. She paired her wedding dress with sandals from DSW, a cute veil, and diamond jewelry. For her wedding day, Kelsie knew she wanted her hair up. Especially for when she was breaking it down on the dance floor later that evening. Sam of Sweet Hair Peace pinned her hair up in a gorgeous big messy styled bun. For makeup, Kelsie wanted a more natural makeup look. Jenna Apel went above and beyond with her look and did exactly what Kelsie had dreamed of. Let me tell you… KELSIE LOOKED STUNNING! Her wedding crew dressed in the cutest sage attire from Azazie to go with the earthy tones of the wedding day colors and feel. Kelsie even dyed white face masks sage and gifted them to all her bridal party to wear on this special day!

What was the most anticipated or special moment of your wedding day?

“Kelsie – I was really excited about the first look. I am a plain-jane type of girl, and I rarely do my hair or makeup. I have waited for this day for 7+ years, and I just couldn’t wait to see Tristan’s face when he saw me all dolled up. We played the “what do you think my dress looks like game” leading up to the wedding, and therefore I knew he had no clue what style I picked. I felt that the first look was the actual start of our wedding day. I also loved that it was a special intimate moment between us, which is hard to come by during a wedding day.”

“Tristan – I would say our first dance. I knew all of the ceremony nerves would be over. I was excited to dance with Kelsie and look into the eyes of my new wife. I knew I wouldn’t be anxious or nervous and knew it would be our first “moment” together as husband and wife.”

Tristan got ready at his parents’ home with his bridal crew, too. He wore a gray tuxedo from Men’s Warehouse that he paired with a sage-colored patterned tie, brown suede dress shoes, cuff links with their cat’s pictures on them, and a watch. Kelsie actually helped him pick out his details! He was excited for the day, especially for seeing Kelsie for the first time on their wedding day. The couple shared transportation, by Long Branch Trolley Company, so that means… Tristan had to be blindfolded for their ride over to the first look location!  Their first look was soo precious, Tristan turned around to admire his beautiful bride, and they both could not stop smiling from ear-to-ear! Jodi of Shoprite Florals in Middletown, NJ, created Kelsie’s dream bouquets. The florals were wild bouquets, with her favorite sunflowers. 

“I think because our wedding was in our backyard, we did a lot of minor personalizing, such as making sure certain beers/cocktails that we knew guests enjoyed were available. We definitely wanted to incorporate the craziness of COVID into our wedding but in a positive way. As guests entered the ceremony, they received a “fun fact” handout that I made that outlined details of our wedding (e.g., bridal parties, parents, honeymoon, etc.) and outlined precautions and resources available to any guest due to COVID-19 (e.g., hand sanitizers, masks, etc.). We also worked with my brother, JT (the ordained minister), to create a part in our ceremony where we toast to family and friends and how grateful we are for their love and support. Then we all cheered/chugged a mini Corona during the ceremony.” 

Kelsie and Tristan’s had a really intimate and fun ceremony. They incorporated a rustic scene to the space, filled with crates, string lights, and paper sunflowers. Before the ceremony began, each guest received a corona to cheers and drink during one point of the ceremony. Even Kelsie, Tristan, and Kelsie’s brother John, their ordained minister, chugged a corona during the ceremony with their guests!! How fun is that?! After the ceremony, it was time to get loose on the dance floor. Chris of Elite Entertainment kept the party going all night long. It was a fantastic wedding day!! 

Do you have any wedding planning or marriage advice that you’d like to share with other couples planning their day?

“It is so easy to get caught up in the moment with everything that you see at other weddings, but it is so important to remind yourself of what you want. Tristan and I always envisioned getting married in my parent’s backyard; initially, we settled for a venue (Cross & Orange- I highly recommend!!). Since we were at a venue, people started sharing suggestions. We all of a sudden wanted the best of everything- DJ, food, alcohol, a live painter, etc. etc. and began losing sight of what we truly envisioned. One of the perks of COVID was that it forced us to alter our plans. Instead of being sad about having to “give up” vendors and extras, we were so grateful that it was becoming the wedding we originally planned. So, I would suggest that from the start of wedding planning, write down thoughts and ideas of what you envision and make that become a reality. Do not get carried away in what other people do or how much other people spend because it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you get to marry the love of your life, and you want to do it in the way that you always dreamed about.”

“Our other advice would be to enjoy every minute. It definitely gets stressful, but make it a point to do things together and to celebrate when you book vendors that you love because it only happens once, and the time goes fast!”

Kelsie and Tristan, congratulations on your marriage! Thank you so much for choosing Limelight Entertainment to capture your special day.

Dress Boutique: Castle Couture in Manalapan, NJ
Dress Designer:  Sophia Tolli Bridal
Sneakers: Keds Glitter Lace up Sneakers
Makeup Artist: Jenna Apel
Florals: Jodi of Shoprite Florals in Middletown, NJ
Wedding Rings: Earth Treasure in Eatontown, NJ
Bridesmaid/Bridesman Style: Azazie
Bakery: Desired Dish
Caterer: Taliercios Gourmet Deli
Officiant: John Teehan, Kelsie’s Brother
Tent/Tables/Chairs: Party Corner in Shrewsbury, NJ
Personalized Jean Jacket: Designed by Maria of Imprint Shop in Eatontown, NJ

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