Vicki and Brandon’s Wedding Portraits at Asbury Park Beach

We photographed Vicki and Brandon’s wedding portraits at Asbury Park Beach on a beautiful July evening. Asbury Park Beach and Boardwalk are the perfect backdrop for pictures! There are many ideal locations for portraits and other forms of photography; from the boardwalk to the rocks, there are so many different photography locations and scenes.

Due to the pandemic, unfortunately, Vicki and Brandon could not have their destination wedding they planned on. Instead, they were forced to change their plans due to COVID. So to give them something to look forward to, Vicki and Brandon decided to do some wedding portraits to celebrate their marriage. These photos brought them joy and something to look forward to during such an intense time. And now, Vicki and Brandon look back at these photos we captured for them and feel excited and happy. We are so thankful!

Vicki and Brandon chose Asbury Park Beach because it was the closest setting to their actual beach wedding they wanted to have. Vicki wore a gorgeous white high-low wedding dress with hot pink heels! Brandon had on a light pink button-down shirt with gray dress pants and brown suede shoes. They looked amazing! “It was what we would have worn on our actual wedding day. I was sad that I was never going to get to wear my wedding dress and shoes.” 

  • How did your fiancé propose?

“Brandon took me back to where we had our first date on Memorial Day. He brought the dog and proposed to me during lunch. I had no idea!”

  • What do you like to do together?

“We enjoy spending time with friends and family, and of course, our dogs and hanging out by the pool! We are definitely outdoors people and love to involve our dog in as many activities as possible!”

Later in the evening, Vicki and Brandon changed to a more casual look. She had on a cute black crop top that she paired with shiny green pants! OBSESSED!!! He put on a blue polo shirt with cream-colored slacks. This duo has a fantastic sense of style!

Vicki and Brandon, congratulations on your marriage! We hope you both spend many happy days outside by the ocean. Thank you for choosing Limelight Entertainment to photograph your wedding portraits.


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