5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Professional Wedding Album

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We get it! Weddings are EXPENSIVE! We were a couple on a budget (who blew their budget!) too. We have been there, done that, so we know exactly what you are thinking. Albums are expensive. So, why?? Here are the top 5 reasons a professional wedding album is a great investment.


It will be in your family FOREVER

I LOVE looking through my parents’ wedding album. It’s the old school kind with 3×5’s inserted into plastic sleeve filled pages but it is amazing! And I love it! Ever since I was a kid I have loved looking through old photos of my family and extended family, of my parents growing up and of their wedding day. When my grandfather passed I quickly claimed my parents’ wedding album and it is such an honor to have it in my possession. I still look through it randomly throughout the year and now look through it with my kids.

Chris and I decided it wasn’t a question. We were going to get a wedding album in our wedding photography package. And it was the best investment we could have ever made for our wedding day. Now, 6 years later we have looked through our album on every anniversary (and randomly throughout the year). But it it is now our tradition to pull it out every year on our anniversary. And the cool thing is that now we get to look through it with our children.

I hope they are as excited as I was when it is time to pass it down to them.


Recently our oven kicked the bucket… and then our dishwasher kicked the bucket… So then we figured we would get a new refrigerator to match the new stainless appliances. We put everything on a credit card and paid it off over an 18 month period of time. We spent MORE on appliances than we did on our memories. I repeat! WE SPENT MORE ON OUR APPLIANCES THAN WE DID ON OUR MEMORIES!! (excuse me while I pick my heart up off the floor)

And you know what? I guarantee I won’t be handing down those appliances to my children with pride.

This is your legacy. Invest in it. I promise you it is affordable and within your reach.


Technology is constantly changing. When I first started out as a “semi” professional photographer about 10 years ago, we were still delivering photos on CDs. NOW they don’t even make computers with CD slots. Like what?!? And now they are doing away with USB and moving on to USB-C and whatever is next. The technology is ever changing but you can always sit down and open up your wedding album! It’s like your best friend, it will always be there.


“I’ll do it later”… NO you won’t! If you do not add an album to your package now, there is a 75% chance you will never get a wedding album. You don’t want to be married 10 years with 3 children and then decide it is time for your album. You should be flipping through every beautiful page of your wedding album on your three month anniversary!

If you add the album to your photography package up front and let your wedding professional take the reins, you should have your wedding album in your hands by, at the least, your 3 month wedding anniversary. At Limelight we get the design started for you. We then invite you to the studio for wine and cheese and a design party. Within a 1.5 -2 hour design consultation, your wedding album design is complete and ready to order that week! We go in and do some light professional retouching to make sure it is perfect and then order.

Yes, it is THAT simple (and quick!)


You are a lover of quality, right?! You want a Family Heirloom that will stand the test of time. Most album companies only offer the highest quality albums to professional wedding photographers. Your album should be wrapped in genuine, high quality leather. Your precious photos should be printed on high value archival photographic paper. Your album should come protected in a gorgeous keepsake box.

Invest in Quality! You won’t regret it.

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