Looking for an enhancement with both elegance AND energy?  Then Limelight Entertainment’s Indoor Cold Sparkler’s are the perfect add-on!  These perfectly safe sparks can elevate everything from your grand entrance to the last song of the night and will wow your guests every time they unexpectedly set off, helping you get more use out of it than just a one-time photo.

Enter the Reception in Style

Picture this – Your introductions have just started, your friends and family are on their feet, making noise as we call the next members of your wedding party into the room.  Before bringing you in, we hype up your guests so that the energy in the room is 10/10.  Our Event Host announces you into the room for the first time as a married couple and as that’s happening, these indoor fireworks are set off, raising the energy of the room through the roof and setting the tone for the night ahead!  

Separate your First Dance from the Others

The next time we suggest setting off the Sparklers is typically at the conclusion of your first dance.  End your dance with a dip and a kiss and we’ll make sure to have those sparks ready so your photographer can capture that timeless photo.  

Elevate your Dance Sets

When you add sparkler fountains to your entertainment package with Limelight, our team looks for those perfect opportunities to bring that “wow” factor to your wedding – like amping up the energy on your dance floor right when they least expect it. These perfectly coordinated and timed moments keep your guests excited throughout the night.  

Ready to make a bigger impact at your wedding? Contact us for more details on this exciting enhancement option!

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