Three Reasons Why It’s Important to Click with Your Wedding DJ

Three Reasons Why It’s Important to Click with Your Wedding DJ

Your wedding should be one of the best days of your life. After all, a wedding is not just where you marry a soul mate and begin a new life together, but also where your friends and family come together to celebrate you as a new couple. It should be a joyous, exciting, happy event. So, why are so many wedding DJs so sour? Honestly, we cannot give you the answer to that question. At Limelight Entertainment, while we love working on all kinds of events, weddings are our favorites. DJ and owner Chris Marino is a romantic, and he never gets tired of watching two people join their lives together and seeing their loved ones come together to celebrate that union. This mile-wide romantic streak is why so many couples choose Limelight for their weddings and why Chris thinks it is so important for couples to connect with their wedding DJs. Whether you feel a connection with Chris or with another DJ, here are Limelight Entertainment’s top three reasons why it is important to click with your wedding DJ.

  1. You want to be able to say what you want without feeling rude or pushy. It is your wedding, and your wedding DJ should not make you feel like you are being rude or pushy when you describe what you want for it. People feel bad when they feel like they are being pushy, and there is nothing about planning the music for your wedding that should make you feel bad.
  2. You want your DJ to feel comfortable being honest with you. While you probably have an idea of what you want at the wedding, sometimes ideas that seem great to a bride and groom are not great ideas in practice. You want your wedding DJ to feel comfortable bringing up potential problems or issues with you, without worrying that either of you is going to respond in an irrational way. If not, then the DJ cannot help you plan the most awesome reception you could imagine. If you click with your DJ and you tell him you want this awesome “unique” first song that he has been asked to play at 15 other weddings that year, you want him to be able to tell you that yes, it is an awesome song, but, no, it is not unique. Without that honest foundation, it will impossible for you to plan your dream wedding.
  3. You want your wedding to be full of friends and family. There’s been a lot of stuff in the news lately about various disagreements between wedding vendors and couples. At Limelight Entertainment, what we believe in is love and friendship. Chris loves to meet new people, and to help celebrate the beginning of a new family. Can you consider your DJ a friend? Do you feel like your DJ can honestly celebrate your marriage with you or is just there for the paycheck? Fill your whole wedding with friends and family.

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