3 Things to Keep in Mind for an Outdoor Ceremony

3 Things To Keep In Mind For An Outdoor Ceremony 

Even the most gorgeous indoor venue has a difficult time comparing to the majestic beauty of a gorgeous outdoor ceremony.  Some brides and grooms are hesitant to have an outdoor ceremony because of concerns about the weather, and a good wedding planner will make sure that you have a backup plan in the event that inclement weather threatens your outdoor wedding ceremony.  However, some people fail to think beyond the weather and consider the particular challenges that an outdoor location poses for your wedding ceremony.  Chris Marino, DJ and owner of Limelight Entertainment, knows that there are certain things a wedding DJ has to do in order to make the most of your outdoor ceremony.  If you are considering an outdoor venue, here are some questions to ask your DJ:


  1. Do you have a wireless microphone for the wedding officiant? It can be very difficult to hear the wedding officials at an outdoor ceremony.  In fact, if your venue and guest list are large enough, you may want to make sure that your DJ can provide wireless microphones for the bride and groom as well, so that the guests can hear the exchange of the vows.
  2. What is the available power at the venue? This is more of a question that your DJ should ask, than a question you should ask your DJ.  However, if you are looking at an outdoor venue, it is important to consider whether the venue has electricity near your wedding.  Can your DJ set up speakers, a microphone, and, if it is a nighttime wedding, any atmospheric lighting that you want to have at the wedding site?  If the venue does not have power available at the outdoor location, can the DJ supply power to meet your needs?
  3. Can the DJ set up the sound equipment that you want or need for the ceremony or reception? We have already looked at whether the venue has power, but power is only one of the concerns.  Are there any noise ordinances that would keep your DJ from playing music during the reception?  Are there any outdoor challenges that might make it difficult to set up sound equipment for the reception or the ceremony?

At Limelight Entertainment, we have helped make many outdoor weddings a success and we are ready, willing, not just able, but happy, to meet the challenges that outdoor venues can provide.  Chris is happy to sit down with a couple in the early stages of wedding planning and give them his advice on the best outdoor wedding venues in New Jersey.  He is also more than happy to sit down with couples and make them aware, not only of the challenges that come with an outdoor venue, but the steps that a good DJ can take to turn those challenges into opportunities. You should have the wedding of your dreams, and if an outdoor ceremony is part of your dream wedding, Chris can help turn those dreams into reality.

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