Planning your Wedding

NJ Wedding DJ Wedding Process. When planning a wedding you experience so many different feelings, excitement, nervousness, this list can go on forever. Here at Limelight Entertainment we like to concentrate of the positive ones and bring out the best in the planning process. A lot of brides come to me and ask, what happens next? From the moment a bride decides Limelight Entertainment’s NJ wedding DJs will be rocking their special day we are quickly determined to provide a fun and stress free experience.

Once you have reach out to us via our contact page, telephone 888.900.0042, or seeing us at one of our NJ wedding Bridal Showcase Events we would then set up an initial meeting. This meeting could be done in person at Limelight’s office, a remote location, or even Skype and Facetime. Whichever works best for you we will accommodate your needs. At this initial meeting we will then discuss your wants and desires for your wedding day. Once we get a good understanding of each other we can then go through examples of past weddings we’ve rocked and show you how Limelight Entertainment’s DJs can bring the ultimate experience to your NJ wedding.

Once you decide that our DJs are the right entertainers for you, this is when the fun begins! At this time we will present you with an agreement and contracts will be signed locking in your entertainers. Upon signing this agreement we would collect a 20% deposit, game on! At this time if you are debating some of our event enhancements that’s not a problem, we can always add desired event lighting, photo booths, TV’s, and more at a later date. You will then be presented with your own password protected client login through our online NJ wedding portal accessible on our homepage. Brides love this feature and find it extremely beneficial. Here you will find planning forms where you can import all of your bridal party information, and timeline your event. You will be able to plug in your introductions as far as couples names and specific songs for each couple to walk out to. You will also be able to plug in all of your special dances and write keynotes for each specific song. Also in your Client Login you will find music request sheets where you can scroll through Limelight’s full music catalog and choose song you would like played and even choose songs you would not like to here at your wedding. There are also top requested lists for each decade that you can scroll through for help finding the good stuff you may have forgotten about! The best part about your Client login is that this is also accessible from your smart phone or tablet. Lets say your out at your favorite nightclub and you hear a song that you absolutely love. Log in to your account right then are there, save that song to your wedding list and assure not pass it by!

Some brides ask, will I be in contact with my wedding DJs? The answer is absolutely! You will have access to personal emails, and cell phones. If you have any questions we are here to help.

About one moth prior to your wedding day we will be in contact to go over the details of your entertainment package. Here we will make sure that everything you desire is in motion and ready to go. At this time you can also decide if you would like to add and event enhancements if you have not already

One week prior to the big day we will call to finalize all details. Here we will discuss your event package, bridal party information, special dances, and anything else you may want to go over. Final payment will also be collected at this time.

The Big Day is here! All of the planning is now over and its time to enjoy your special day. Limelight Entertainment’s NJ wedding DJs are here to rock your once in a lifetime celebration and provide you with the ultimate experience!

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