Why Choose Limelight Entertainment?

If you are planning a big event, whether it is a sweet sixteen, wedding, corporate event, bar or bat mitzvah, anniversary party or any other celebration, choosing the right entertainment company can make or break your event. Almost any entertainment company can provide you with generic DJ services, playing music that you would hear at any other event and relying on tired line dances to get people up and on the dance floor. If you want a generic party, those companies might be a great choice for you. But, who wants a generic party?At Limelight Entertainment, we understand that if you are planning an event and want to go to the expense of hiring a DJ for that event, you probably want your event to stand out. Our goal is to work with each of our customers to customize events for them, so that each party’s entertainment is carefully tailored to reinforce your themes for the party.

What does this mean? You tell us. Seriously. You tell us. If you become a Limelight Entertainment customer, you will work personally with our owner, Chris, throughout the planning process. Chris has worked in event planning for years and is happy to work with customers to tailor events to their specifications. What if you do not know exactly what you want? That happens more often than you might think. People know that they want an event that stands out, but also want their event to have a certain feeling or vibe for their guests. In other words, nana and papa’s golden anniversary party should feel different from your little girl’s sweet sixteen party.

Chris specializes in asking you the right questions to make your event unique, while always keeping in mind what kind of event you are hosting. What this means is that your event will be recognized as certain type of party, while still standing out as unique. It also means that Chris will help you keep your guests in mind, so that you can get people out on the dance floor. Will the guests be old or young? What type of music do the guests enjoy? Will there be special dances that are linked to the event? By discussing things with you, Chris will help you bring your vision to life.

To discover the difference the personal touch can bring to your event, call Limelight Entertainment and talk to Chris about your party. Visit Limelight Entertainment NJ on Google Plus.

Thank you
Chris Marino
Founder/DJ/Event Specialist

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