3 Way’s To Pack Your Dance Floor

Nothing says success for a wedding reception like a packed dance floor. The whole point of hiring a DJ service is to get your guests up and dancing and to ensure the right mix of music to make sure that all of your guests join in the fun.

1. Start the reception with a party song. In other parts of the country, the bride and the groom might enter the reception with a mushy love song. This is New Jersey. Unless you have a special reason to enter the reception with a particular love song, we strongly suggest entering with a dance song that will kick-off the reception’s party atmosphere.

2. Play some classics. Keep in mind that you are going to have guests of all ages, and you want them to feel comfortable getting out there on the dance floor. It is not a bad idea to let Chris know some of the favorite songs for the parents and even the grandparents of the bride and groom- if they get out on the dance floor, their friends and family are likely to join them.

3. Play the hits. Don’t have the DJ avoid songs because you think they sound trendy. People expect you to have hot, hit, and current songs in your play list. Also, even if you are not a big fan of songs that have a dance that go with them like The Nae Nae or The Whip, playing them can be a way to get people up and dancing.

The whole reason people get a DJ is to get people up and dancing at the wedding reception. If you have any questions at all about the best mix of music to choose to get your guests up out of their seats, Chris Marino (DJ/Owner) would be happy to talk to you about the mix of guests you expect at your wedding and customize your play list so that you can have a wedding reception people remember as an awesome party experience. While we pride ourselves on offering high-quality and affordable DJ, photography, and photo booth services for weddings and other events, what drives our reputation and made us one of Wedding Wire’s Couple’s Choice wedding vendors is our commitment to customer service. Call 888-900-0042 or Contact Us Today to find out why couples love to add a little Limelight to their weddings!

Happy Planning!

Chris Marino
Limelight Entertainment

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