Six Things You Need to Know about Picking Your Wedding Music

Have you ever been at a wedding where the music the DJ played did not seem to fit with the couple?  How different was the atmosphere at that wedding from those wedding where the couple and their guests got to really enjoy the music?  At Limelight Entertainment, we know that not everyone has the same taste in music.  A song that is a must for one couple might be the number one “do not play” song for another couple.  There is no way for a DJ to know your individual preferences without you sharing them.  That is why Limelight’s owner and DJ Chris Marino encourages every couple to play a role in picking their wedding music.  Your wedding should be customized to you, so that it reflects your personality, not some generic wedding playlist that your guests could hear anywhere.  Before you get together with your DJ to plan your wedding music, here are some tips we have:


  1. Make a “Do Not Play List.”  These are the songs you do not want to hear.  Maybe they were important in previous romantic relationships, maybe they are songs you just do not like, and maybe you love the song but have heard it at every wedding you have ever attended.  Whatever the reason, let your DJ know the songs that shall not be played at your wedding, no matter how many guests request to hear them!
  2. Make a “Must Play List.” What songs are critical to hear at your reception?  Do you want special music playing during your ceremony, itself?  There are some moments in the reception that generally have designated songs, like when you are introduced as a couple, the first dance, and your departing song.  However, your must-play list is going to include other songs that you just want the DJ sometime that night.  It will also be a great starting point for our next tip:
  3. Ask the DJ for music advice. Using your favorite songs, ask for DJ for tips about the songs to play that will have a similar vibe.  For example, if you like the modern musical funky vibe that Bruno Mars captures in his music, the DJ might suggest you put in a Prince song or two for some of your older guests, which bring us to number 4:
  4. Know your guest list. Who are you expecting at your wedding and what kind of music will get them out on the dance floor? If you want your grandparents to take to the floor for a dance or two, make sure and include songs from their generation. If you are strictly rock-and-roll, but your friends love country, include a few country songs for them.
  5. Ask your friends. What songs do they like to hear at a wedding?  What do they think of the songs you have chosen?  You might be leaning towards sappy love songs, but will all of your guests enjoy those?
  6. Decide what kind of wedding do you want. Do you want to include group dances or do you find them to be cheesy?  Not sure?  Talk to your DJ.  On the one hand, group dances are a great way to get people out on the dance floor.  On the other hand, they go over better with different groups of people.  If you are not sure what you want to do, talk to your DJ about it.

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