Three Reasons Why Photo Booths are a Wedding Must

Everybody knows that photo booths are a hot trend for weddings and other big events. However, if you have not been to a wedding or party with a photo booth, you may not really understand their appeal.  Something that was once a novelty has quickly become a wedding must-have. Photo booths add an element of whimsy to even the most traditional of wedding receptions, while not taking away from the beauty of even formal events.  They provide the happy couple with a keepsake that will last for their entire lives, capturing guests at their happiest and quirkiest.  They also provide a great way to provide wedding guests with an enduring and personalized keepsake, which will not only remind them of your wedding, but more specifically of what a great time they had at your reception.  There are so many reasons that having a photo booth at your wedding is a great idea, but here are our top three:


  1. Photo booths give guests something to do in their downtime. If you have carefully planned every minute of your wedding, you may think that guests will not have any downtime.  However, no matter how great the food service, how free-flowing the bar, and how great the music and vibe on the dance floor, the odds are good that there will be natural lulls in your reception.  Photo booths give guests something fun to do in their downtime.  They are an activity in and of themselves, providing guests with an opportunity to take a little break from other wedding or reception activities without stepping away from the wedding fun.
  2. Photo booths get pictures of your guests being themselves. A skilled wedding photographer, like one of our Limelight photographers, is going to make sure and get pictures of guests enjoying themselves at your wedding.  However, casual, relaxed shots are great, but they are not always the best way of capturing personality.  Photo booths give your guests a way to play around, interacting with each other in fun ways.  They can use props as a way to express their personality or the way that they feel about the couple getting married.  Photo booths also help encourage people who are normally camera shy to get in the act and relax, so that they can be captured in memories, as well.  Many people are surprised to see that some of the guests that they consider the most shy become the most outgoing ones in the photo booth pictures!
  3. Photo booths give you an opportunity to create a great keepsake for you and your guests. Guests love that they can take photo booth pictures home with them immediately.  Photos can serve as a substitute for a favor or can be part of a larger favor; a personalized photo frame that fits the photo booth photos can be a great wedding favor.  Couples love that the wedding photos can be combined into a keepsake book, capturing a fun and playful side of their wedding and reception.

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