Wedding Songs: Ensuring You’re Hearing the Music You Want to Hear

People having fun and dancing at a wedding to the music

With Limelight as your wedding entertainment, our DJs have two main goals:

  1. Keep as many people on the dance floor as possible.
  2. Make sure that you’re hearing the music that YOU want to hear.

We accomplish these goals in a few different ways.

Planning Your Soundtrack

Let me start by saying that we love when our couples put their input on their wedding soundtrack. It’s exactly why we have an entire request page on our planning site, where you can go in and add specific tracks to create a “Must Play” and a “Do Not Play” List. Some couples go into their wedding day with only a few songs listed, and others give us 30 songs to play (the site maxes out requests at 30 songs). Whatever you’re comfortable with is fine with us. We’ll know just by looking at the first few songs what you’re into musically and what you have no interest in hearing.

A few weeks before the wedding, we’ll set up a “Final Call” between you and your wedding DJ to look at your music details, talk about your request list, and expand on it a bit further. What genres should we stay away from? What did you listen to in High School and College? Is there anything you remember your family listening to when you were younger? All these questions help your DJ learn about your music taste and what will keep the crowd raging at your wedding.

We keep all that information in the back of our minds; that way, once we’re at the wedding and reading the room, we know what direction to take the music, aside from playing your requests.

Handling Guest Song Requests

Another popular question we get from couples is; how do we handle guest requests during the reception? Ultimately, the answer is up to you. We don’t mind taking requests, but we always use our better judgment. If the requested song comes out of left field and doesn’t fit the vibe at the time, we’ll respectfully let the guest know that we can’t play it right now, but the next time we find ourselves in that range of music, we’ll get to their request. On the contrary, we’ve had guests come up to request a song that we literally had loaded as our next track, which is always a good feeling because that means we’re reading the room correctly.

Funny story: Once, we had a couple give us a “Do Not Take Requests From” list before their wedding. The list consisted of people they thought would purposely ask for bad songs throughout the night, so that’s always an option too. It turned out that they knew their friends very well because almost everyone on that list came up to me with a wild request.

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